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22 Apr, 2022


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Could we talk about Spain and not have a picture of paella?

Could we talk about Spain and not have a picture of paella?

Why Book Your Flights to Spain with

Whether it's the food, the landmarks or the sun - let's be honest, it's probably a good deal to do with the sun - those of us based in Britain do love travelling to Spain. And if you're keen to do the same, we're offering great deals on (you guessed it) flights to Spain for you. From city breaks in Madrid and Barcelona to the family holiday summer spots of Malaga, Alicante, the Balearics, and the Canary Islands, we've got you covered.

If you're flying from London to Spain, or Manchester to Spain, you really should use our app to book. Why? Because if you book your flight to Spain with the app, you'll earn 5x bonus Trip Coins on all flight bookings from the UK. Which begs the question:

What are Trip Coins?

Trip Coins are essentially our app-only loyalty scheme.

If you download our app and register with us, every time you book hotels, flights, or some of the other great products on our app, you'll earn rewards - Trip Coins - that you can redeem next time you book via our app. The more you book, the higher your membership tier, and that means an even greater level of discounts.

And as we just mentioned, if you book flights to Spain from the UK, you'll get 5x as many Trip Coins. Click here to see what we mean.

Interested? You really, really should be. Here are the flight routes we offer:

Flights to Barcelona

Montjuic fountain in Barcelona

Montjuic fountain in Barcelona

You may be familiar with Barcelona, the home of Gaudi, the Camp Nou and Las Ramblas. You've probably all seen those Instagram pics of the Sagrada Familia - it's even more amazing in real life.

So if you haven't been to the Catalan capital (and, to be honest, even if you have, you should go again), now is the time to book your flights from London or Manchester. Especially with our 5x Trip Coins offer, which means you can save more on other adventures in the future.

Need some hotel inspiration for when you get to Catalonia? Here are 3 of our favourites, highly regarded by our users who have visited:

Flights to Madrid

The hustle and bustle of Madrid

The hustle and bustle of Madrid

The capital of Spain is one of Europe's truly great cities, with some of the country's best attractions (and the weather is largely fabulous, too). Attractions in Madrid include the stunning Royal Palace and the nearby Retiro Park, both of which offer wonderful rambling opportunities.

For other tourist attractions in Madrid, be sure to check out the grandiose Prado Museum - home to thousands of pieces of artwork - and the vast Santiago Bernabéu stadium, home of Real Madrid CF. Of course, we're just scratching the surface of all the fun to be had in the city.

Of course, after you book your flights to Madrid from the UK, you'll need a place to stay - here are 3 suggestions:

Flights to Malaga

The southern Spanish city of Malaga is, in our humble opinion, a must-visit city. The 'capital of the Costa del Sol' receives around 6 million visitors each year, so it's not just us who feel this way.

Malaga boasts a wonderful coast (rhyme deliberate), beautiful hilly landscapes, and the Picasso Museum, as well as the Alcazaba of Málaga - the best-preserved fortress of its type in Spain. Of course, we've just given you a flavour of the area's greatness, but our top tip: head to the hills of Mijas for amazing vistas and a round of golf.

Flights to Malaga from the UK are frequent, and thanks to your good friends at, very good value - and as we've said, those Trip Coins will come in handy for future holidays. Here are 3 hotel ideas for you to consider when booking:

Flights to Mallorca

Mallorca is famous for its beaches

Mallorca is famous for its beaches

Mallorca (or Majorca) is always a popular Spanish destination from the UK - and home to one of our European summer music festival suggestions - due to its famous beaches, monuments, and (for the sporty characters) cycle-friendly roads.

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, and if you want to go to some of the others (such as the party island of Ibiza), a ferry is available. Either way, be sure to book a reward-abundant cheap flight to Palma de Mallorca…

Want some more inspiration for things to do in Mallorca? We have some ideas for you. And we can even give you 3 of our favourite places to stay there, too:

Flights to Alicante

Alicante is arguably the very best Spanish airport to fly into. Why? Well, if you book accordingly, you can see many of the country's best points of interest.

The Alicante region is home to the Costa Blanca, the tourist hotspot of Benidorm, and the famous Santa Bárbara Castle. For those looking for an even bigger adventure, you can take a 100-mile (160 km) hop to Valencia, a ferry to the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera) and even head to Algeria. It's safe to say that flights to Alicante could provide the catalyst for a seriously memorable trip.

The same page we will continue to unashamedly link you to contains plenty of hotels in Alicante (and indeed hotels in Benidorm) - but if you want 3 of our suggestions, be sure to check out:

Flights to Tenerife

Teide is the highest point in Spain

Teide is the highest point in Spain

Ah the Canary Islands - the southernmost point of the European continent, closer to Morocco than to the Spanish mainland, and absolutely teeming with fabulous reasons to visit. As our Trip Coin flight offer extends to Tenerife - the largest and best-known of the islands - let's give you a couple of reasons to visit.

Tenerife is home to Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most visited national parks in Europe. One Heritage Site not enough for you? There's another in the shape of the historic town of San Cristobal de la Laguna, which is an absolute must-see Canary Island attraction.

You probably know the drill by now - but just in case, you can find flights to Tenerife, and hotels to Tenerife, right here - and here are 3 of our hotel suggestions you can book below: is a site that offers a huge range of flights, hotels, attraction and tour tickets, car hire options, train tickets, and more. With our Trip Coin reward system ensures that the more you book, the more you benefit from using us - and Flights to Spain from London and Flights to Spain from Manchester offer 5x as many per booking.

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