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Why visiting Uzbekistan?

Enticing travellers with ancient Silk Road cities filled with beautiful Islamic architecture, bustling bazaars and historical sites, Uzbekistan is a captivating destination that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Boasting a diverse landscape dotted with arid deserts, rugged peaks and lush rolling hills, you can expect breathtaking views everywhere you go. Despite its natural beauty, rich history and vibrant culture, the Central Asian country still manages to stray away from the tourist track, making cheap flights to Uzbekistan even more appealing.

A convenient destination to get to, you can book cheap flights to Uzbekistan from all over the world. Just some of the cities that fly to Uzbekistan include London, New York, Beijing and Dubai. And with regular flights available, it’s easy to find tickets to Uzbekistan to suit you. Flights land at Tashkent International Airport in the country’s capital city. As well as being a gateway to the rest of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is home to cultural museums, colourful markets and beautiful mosques. The three great Silk Road cities; Samarkand, Bukhara and Fergana, are also a popular choice with travellers. In each of these cities you can find incredible architecture and ancient monuments.

Uzbekistan is bursting with landmarks that will transport you back in time. You can’t miss a trip to Bukhara, a city known for its well-preserved historic centre where you can explore the bustling streets of Old Bukhara, visit the impressive Kalon Minaret and admire the intricate tilework of the Po-i-Kalyan complex. Meanwhile, in Samarkind you can find the stunning Registan Square which sits at the heart of the Silk Road city and the Gur-e-Amir, the final resting place of Timur. The ancient city of Khiva, a living museum of medieval Islamic architecture is also a must. Step into the walled city of Ichan-Kala and wander through its narrow alleys lined with ornate palaces, mosques and minarets. Here you can find the beautiful Kalta Minor Minaret with its stunning architecture. The breathtaking beauty and historical significance of Khiva make it a captivating destination for history enthusiasts.

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  • Which month has the cheapest flights to Uzbekistan?

    June has the cheapest flights to Uzbekistan and the average cost is £367. This information is for reference only.
  • What are the most popular airlines for flights to Uzbekistan?

    Turkish Airlines and Uzbekistan Airwaysare the most popular airlines flying to Uzbekistan.
  • How long are flights to Uzbekistan?

    It takes approximately 11 hours 49 minutes minutes to fly to Uzbekistan. This information is for reference only.