Gift Card FAQ

  1. 1. What are gift cards? gift cards are virtual cards with prepaid value issued exclusively by for use on our website. Gift cards are available in a variety of designs and monetary amounts, ensuring they meet the needs of any occasion. Gift cards can be used to book travel products and services on our website (where the product or service is prepaid in advance) and can be used in combination with other payment methods. Dedicated customer support representatives are available to assist with any gift card related inquiries. The terms and conditions that apply to gift cards can be found here (
  2. 2. How will I receive my gift card?
    ؜Gift cards are electronic and will be emailed to you following a successful purchase. You may transfer your gift card to another person, such as a friend or family member that you would like to give the gift card to, by email.
  3. 3. What currencies and amounts are available?
    Gift cards can be purchased in amounts ranging from 10 to 2,000 USD, AUD, SGD, or GBP, 100 to 15,000 HKD, or 1,000 to 200,000 JPY per gift card. The maximum value of a single gift card is 2000 USD, AUD, SGD, or GBP, HKD 15,000, or JPY 200,000. The total value of gift cards you can purchase in one day (from midnight in the local time zone) is 2,000 USD, AUD, SGD, or GBP, HKD 15,000, or JPY 200,000.
  4. 4. Are there any limits when making bookings?
    Gift cards can be used to book travel products and services on our website, where the product or service is prepaid in advance. Gift card balances can be used to make multiple bookings. There is no limit on how much of a gift card's balance can be used at once or how many bookings a gift card balance can be applied to. If a gift card balance is lower than the cost of the booking, a different payment method can be used for the remaining amount. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase additional gift cards.
  5. 5. Will I earn Trip Coins?
    You will earn Trip Coins when you purchase a gift card, however you will not earn Trip Coins on bookings paid for with gift cards.
  6. 6. What happens if my booking is cancelled?
    If a travel product or service booking that has been purchased using a gift card is cancelled, the refund rules for that booking apply and any refund of any amount paid via a gift card will be refunded to the gift card. If the total cost of the travel product or service booking was higher than the value of the gift card, the additional cost will be refunded back to the original payment method. If the booking was paid for with multiple gift cards, the total amount paid via gift cards will be refunded to the gift card with the longest validity period, unless agreed otherwise.
  7. 7. How long are gift cards valid for?
    Unless stated otherwise, gift cards are valid for 3 years beginning on the date of purchase. If your gift card was not used during the validity period you can contact customer support by phone or online chat and apply for a 6 month extension.
  8. 8. Can a gift card be exchanged for cash?
    Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. No interest is paid on gift card balances and there are no overdraft facilities.
  9. 9. Can I refund a gift card after purchase?
    Once a gift card has been used it is non-refundable. When a gift card has not been used, generally it will still be non-refundable, however if you are a resident of the UK, Europe or Turkey, due to local laws gift cards may be refundable for 14 days following the date of purchase. Please see our gift card terms and conditions ( for more information and/or contact customer support by phone or online chat if you have any questions.
  10. 10. What can I do if I accidentally deleted the email containing my gift card number and code?
    If you accidentally delete the email containing your gift card number and PIN number, you can send a new email by opening the gift card booking in your account and clicking the "Resend" button.
  11. 11. Where can I view my gift card balance?
    Go to the gift card home page on our website and select "My Balance". Here you can enter your gift card number and PIN number to view your balance.
  12. 12. Are receipts available after purchase?
    E-receipts can be found on the booking details page after successfully purchasing a gift card on These e-receipts can also be sent to your contact email. Only 1 receipt per purchase is provided and multiple purchases cannot be combined in 1 receipt.