Senior Railcard Guide: Get 34% Discount, Deals & Promo Codes

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Keen on trips to the city? Planning visits to see your grandchildren? Enjoying outings with friends? No matter your reason for travelling, if you're often on the go and aged over 60, the Senior Railcard presents an ideal opportunity for travel savings. With a Senior Railcard, you can enjoy a saving of approximately 34% off the cost of your rail tickets.
Senior Railcard discount

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Senior Railcard discounted price: Enjoy 34% Off

For a mere £30, the one-year Railcard lets you enjoy a 34% discount on train tickets. Looking for even better value? Opt for the three-year Railcard at £70, and you'll save £20 compared to the cost of three individual one-year Railcards. On average, this equates to savings of over £20 per one-way ticket, depending on the specific route and ticket price. Now, let's explore some examples of the discounted journeys using the Senior Railcard:
JourneyOriginal PriceSenior Railcard PriceSavings
London Euston to Liverpool Central£76.30£50.35£25.95 (34% Off)
London Kings Cross to Edinburgh£62.90£41.50£21.40 (34% Off)
London Euston to Glasgow Central£125.00£82.50£42.50 (34% Off)

*Note: All ticket prices referenced are based on March 2024 data.

What is condition of Senior Railcard promo code?

The Senior Railcard is designed for individuals aged 60 and over. It can be used on a wide range of tickets, including all Standard and First Class Advance fares. The Railcard is valid for a year (£30) from the date of purchase, with a three-year option also available (£70). It can be uesd at anytime outside morning peak on weekdays in London and South East areas but unrestricted on weekends and Public Holidays.
Age Eligibility60 and over
Usage LocationsNational Rail network
Validity Period1 year (£30) or 3 years (£70), valid from the date of purchase
Usage TimesAny time outside morning Peak hours in certain areas on weekdays.

Note: online purchase permissible up to 14 days before 60th birthday. In-person purchases at stations not allowed in advance.

Advantages of Senior Railcard deals

Advantages of Senior Railcard deals
As a holder of the Senior Railcard, you're entitled to the following perks.
Savings1/3 Off & Save £98 YearlySave 1/3 on most train fares across Great Britain, with an average annual saving of £98.
Save £20 for 3-year1-year for £30, 3-year Railcard membership only for £70. Help you save £20 directly!
FlexibilityValid during peak and off-peak times, suitable for commuters, weekend explorers, and holidaymakers.
Comprehensive CoverageApplies to all standard and first-class advance fares on the National Rail Network. Special OffersConvenienceManage train tickets and Railcard in one place, avoiding the hassle of using multiple apps.
SecurityDigital Railcards on can be accessed on any device, ensuring you're always prepared. ensures your Railcard is readily available for smooth travel management.
New User OfferUp to 50% off on a digital Railcard for new users purchasing through the app.
More DealsTheatre Ticket DiscountsUp to 50% off on theatre tickets, plus exclusive offers.
Tastecard MembershipComplimentary 3-month Tastecard membership: discounts at restaurants.

About Railcard

About Railcard
A Railcard is a savings card offering up to a 1/3 reduction on your railway journeys. Available as either a digital version on your smartphone or device, or as a tangible card, Railcards can be purchased for a validity of 1 year or 3 years. Specifically, the Senior Railcard provides a 1/3 discount on railway fares for those aged 60 or older. Eligibility to apply for a Senior Railcard begins two weeks prior to your 60th birthday.

How to get cheap Senior Railcard

Things to Prepare for Senior Railcard

To acquire a Senior Railcard, essential requirements include:
  • A valid form of identification to prove you're over 60 (such as a UK driving licence, passport, or EEA national identity card).
  • A high-quality digital photo in passport style.
  • A debit or credit card for the purchase.

Procedures to Get Senior Railcard

Procedure on App for Senior Railcard:
  1. Initiate Log-in: Open the app and navigate to the "Trains" section on the homepage to start buying a Senior Railcard.
  2. Selection: Tap on "Buy a Railcard" located at the page's bottom to access more details.
  3. Railcard Type Choice: Choose between the 1-year (£30) and 3-year (£70) Senior Railcard options and proceed to the payment section.
  4. Enter Your Details: Input your contact information and proceed by tapping "Continue" to complete the transaction.
  5. Access Your Railcard: To view your Railcard, select "My Railcards".
  6. Activate Your Railcard: Use the "+Add Railcard" option to include your Senior Railcard in your account.
How to get cheap Senior Railcard
How to get cheap Senior Railcard
How to get cheap Senior Railcard

How to Use Senior Railcard promo code

Once you've got your Senior Railcard, simply pick this option when you're buying your train ticket online or at a ticket machine that accepts it. Remember to have your Senior Railcard ready to show when you're on the train or buying a ticket in person. Here's a straightforward guide on using both the digital and physical versions of the Senior Railcard:

Digital Senior Railcard

  1. Get started: On the app, hit 'Trains', then 'Buy a Railcard', and follow the steps to activate and link your Railcard.
  2. Buying tickets: When you're getting your tickets, choose the Senior Railcard option to get your discount.
  3. On the go: Make sure your phone's charged up so you can show your digital Railcard if someone asks during your trip.

Physical Senior Railcard

  1. Pick one up: You can buy the Railcard online or at a railway station with staff, then wait for it to arrive in the post.
  2. Take it with you: Always have your Railcard with you when you're travelling.
  3. Getting your discount: When you're buying tickets, mention you've got a Senior Railcard so you get the discount.
  4. Showing your card: Be ready to show your Railcard along with your ticket if a member of the train staff asks.

Tips for Senior Railcard

  • Keep it valid: Check now and then to make sure your Railcard hasn't run out.
  • Photos: Stick a passport-sized photo on your physical Railcard. If you've got a digital one, you might need to upload a picture when you're setting it up.

FAQs about Senior Railcard

  • Who is eligible for a Senior Railcard in the UK?

    The Senior Railcard provides a discount of 1/3 on rail fares for those who are 60 years old or older.
  • How much does a Senior Railcard cost?

    You can purchase a Senior Railcard for £30 for a single year or opt for a three-year card at £70.
  • How Does the Senior Railcard Work?

    To use the Senior Railcard discount, choose the Senior Railcard option when purchasing your train tickets either online or at ticket machines. Always have your Senior Railcard ready to show when you are buying tickets face-to-face or when requested by train staff during your journey.
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