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Albuquerque Historic Old Town
4.1/5103 Reviews
Worst hotel experience ever. The first thing I noticed upon entering was a strange chemical smell, not very pleasant. We checked in and went to our room. Our first room wasn’t clean and even though we paid extra for a mountain view it didn’t have one. We were moved to the fourth floor, still not much of a view of anything but the front door, and parking lot, don’t waste your money on the “mountain view “. Whatever. We went out and checked out our surroundings. When we came back the smell was even stronger and we could smell it throughout the hallways, thank God it didn’t stink in our room. The bed was awful. Neither of us slept very good. The shower was like a sand blaster, and there was no way to adjust the pressure. Everything about this room was awful. I booked through IHG and contacted them about canceling the rest of our stay at this hotel and was sent a copy of their cancellation policy, ugh. So we decide to try to make the best of it for the next two nights. We didn’t get much sleep the second night either. I went downstairs around 5 am to get coffee and got locked out of my room. The nice front desk guy couldn’t get me in either, I had to wait in the stinky hall for my husband to finish his shower and hear me knocking and let me back in. They said they’d fix it that morning, but that was the final straw. We checked out and went to a much better hotel for the remainder of our stay. The front desk person didn’t ask why we were leaving early, and nobody from Holiday Inn has said a word even after leaving a similar review on their app.
Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Albuquerque West
3.2/5101 Reviews
First the good parts: easy access to I-40, right across from a travel center / gas station, pet friendly. Front desk staff when we arrived was helpful and pleasant. Now the bad: The surrounding area is sketchy, if I was by myself I wouldn't feel very safe here especially at night, although the rooms are on an inside corridor so that's a plus. Pet friendly BUT requires $30 deposit per pet. Dog area is behind the motel, if I had to take my dog out at night I wouldn't feel safe out there alone. Rooms are not upgraded, and ours (while visually clean) smelled bad. Towels were small & threadbare; only toiletries in the room were one small bar of soap and one small container of shampoo. Bed was reasonably comfortable but pillows were lumpy. Breakfast was just ok, at least they had a waffle maker. No coffee maker in the room, had to go to breakfast area for coffee. Just overall this motel seems run down and in need of major updates, especially for the price we paid. $130 with all the taxes and pet fee seems very high for this place. I would not stay here again with all the other options in the area.
Travelodge by Wyndham Albuquerque West
3.1/555 Reviews
We booked the spot because it seemed affordable and the pictures made it seem like a modest, but comfortable, stay. I don't know where they got the pictures we saw online but they didn't match the room at all. The first sign that things were a little off should have been the graffiti on all the lamp posts in the parking lot. I was apprehensive but we went ahead and paid for the room, when we got to the room it was way worse than I could have expected. There were no towels, a tiny bit of toilet paper was left on the roll with no new toilet paper. There was clearly water damage in the bathroom and the room smelled like a disgusting mix of ********/tobacco. We've staying in filthy places before but the deal breaker was the state of the bed, particularly the handprint still on the sheet. Along with the handprint that prompted a is that a blood stain or fresh makeup argument, there were holes and stains both old and new on the bedspread. There was no chance that we were going to stay there a second more than the 25 minutes we were actually in the room. The woman at the desk did offer to put us in another room, i guess that's the only good part, but no thank you. They didn't refund any of the money, I mean the odds where as close to zero as it gets, so you've been warned.
Comfort Inn & Suites Albuquerque Downtown
3.9/5101 Reviews
The hotel is near the main road in the city, but the surrounding area feels relatively desolate. Free parking is available at the hotel. The hotel space is closed and relatively safe. The rooms are well-decorated and the facilities are old, but there is no smell. The bathroom is also relatively compact. Generally clean and hygienic, windows can also be opened for ventilation. The sound insulation is not very good and a bit noisy. There is a free breakfast, not many types, but you can eat it. Suitable for passing overnight.
Hampton Inn & Suites Albuquerque-Coors Road
3.9/5101 Reviews
Absolutely horrendous stay here. 1 star hotel in every sense of the word. I have stayed in many Hampton Inns while traveling and this was by far the worst one. Since the manager replies to everyone with the same disingenuous comment instead of addressing legitimate concerns, I plan on writing to Hilton management directly in regards to this particular location. For one, the rooms are very dated and could use a deep clean. The room was freezing and our wall thermostat had an error message the moment we walked in the room. Bathroom was very slow to drain and the floor of the bathtub creaked with every step. My husband showered for 10 minutes and there was a pond of water waiting for me. The beds were horrendous. The mattress was so old and cheap I could feel what I thought were the bed springs? My husband and I were exhausted after driving 8 hours, and yet we tossed and turned all night. When we finally fell asleep probably at 4 or 5am, we were awoken just past 9AM by housekeeping. I was bewildered by why they were knocking on doors at that hour - they don't have a list of rooms that have checked out early? They just haphazardly knock on all the doors and wake everyone up? Told the lady we were checking out in a couple hours and she said she’d come back later. I just started dozing off again and 15 minutes later either she or another person knocked AGAIN! Avoid this place!
El Cuervo ABQ
4.7/560 Reviews
We hoped to like this place, but were disappointed overall and would not return. There were some positives, including the location in a fairly quiet residential neighborhood near downtown, spacious rooms, off-street parking, free beer, a nice porch and a quirky esthetic. Unfortunately these were offset by multiple negatives, including the fact that we never encountered the supposedly friendly hosts (check in, check out, and everything else happened through automated text messages and email), the mattress was soft and saggy and the bed was covered with a winter-weight duvet in the hot summer, the bathroom contained the tiniest sink we had ever tried to use with a slow drain that made even hand washing difficult, and the floor was so creaky that anytime anyone in the entire house got up to walk to the bathroom during the night, the noise woke everyone in the house. In addition, the place was billed as a B&B, but there wasn't actually a breakfast. Instead, there was coffee (with only non-dairy whitener), Nature Valley granola bars, and over-ripe bananas. Fortunately there's a good coffee shop and an even better breakfast place (Lush Cafe) just a couple of blocks away. Also, be aware that from this place it is at least a 25 minute walk to Old Town. We enjoy walking so that was OK, but in the heat it felt pretty far, and it didn't feel safe to do at night. Overall, we were sorry we didn't like El Cuervo, but we really can't recommend it.

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