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5 star

Colife Hotel
4.6/5855 Reviews

Colife Hotel

Bozhou|1.78km from Gaishengxiang Shopping Centre
The experience of staying this time was very good. I was very satisfied with the individual. The lobby is very spacious and bright. The aroma is also very good. The welcome lady in the lobby is greeted with a smiling face. When I entered the store, because I did not have a security code, I took the initiative to register for Wan****ong and apply for one. Then I directed me to check in at the front desk. Xiaofang moved in quickly, professionally and well-trained, and also helped to upgrade the newly-launched room type Kangyang double bed room for free. Thank you very much. When I came to the room, I am also very satisfied with the room, clean and tidy, the bed is big and comfortable The bathroom is also very large, and the room is very quiet. Equipped with a foot bath, a health pot, a health book and some massage equipment. There is also a free fruit. At night, bubble feet, sleep well, and get off at 9:30 For breakfast, the staff service is very good, the breakfast is rich in variety, and there are many local snacks. The taste is very good, and the breakfast is also very satisfactory. Finally, check out, the front desk is very fast, the invoice is also very fast, and there is no delay at all. The training is in place. I’m really satisfied with it. It’s a great hotel. The concierge also helped to call a car. By the way, the traffic here is very convenient, the location is good, there is a very large outdoor parking lot, parking is free, no parking coupons are needed , It is very convenient to stop and pick up. It is also very close to Wanda Plaza and shopping is very convenient. Overall evaluation, a must-choice hotel for business trips, and continue to come next time.

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JI Hotel
4.8/5314 Reviews
In the development zone, I arrived at the hotel at night, and I felt that the surrounding area was relatively deserted and there were no people. The car can be parked at the entrance of the hotel. The hotel is very new. I saw the book written by the founder in the small book bar on the first floor. After I checked in, I found that there was also a book in the room. I finished reading it quickly. There is a Wanda Plaza nearby. It is too late and I don't want to toss. I ate at a Hunan restaurant next to the hotel.
Yunyi Smart Hotel (Bozhou Weiwu Avenue Municipal Government Branch)
4.8/577 Reviews
The weather is hot, the hotel front hall has a good iced lemonade, very good, the front desk is very warm, the room is very clean, Cao's Park, the museum is just a few minutes away, the new store is opened, the facilities are very new, the reservation has no breakfast and sent breakfast, breakfast type is quite a lot, The taste is also good, and there is a place to dry clothes on the second floor. It is really convenient. There is also a gym. I will come to live next time and recommend friends to live!
Junlai Hotel YUE
4.8/5224 Reviews
The hotel is very cost-effective and warm. The front desk service is also very good, and there is no complaint to let the front desk lady help send and receive the express. Next time I return to Zhangzhou to visit relatives, I will choose Junlai Hotel 😊
GreenTree Inn Hotel (Bozhou Kangmei Chinese Medicine City Wanda Plaza Branch)
4.7/5305 Reviews
Hygienic: Hygiene is generally OK, can't look closely, just after entering the door to wash your hands, I found two hairs on the box next to the sink. Facilities: Other facilities are normal, that is, a light has been flashing at night, and it is still flashing when it is turned off. It is a bit scared. Finally, it is good to pull the card. And around four in the morning, I heard the door screaming (the warning sound that was not closed), no matter how we got the door, we couldn't close the sound, and it lasted more than 20 minutes. Finally, I called the front desk and asked her to deal with it. After a while, I didn't sleep much (it should be the front desk). Service: Service attitude is OK, when checking out, I told the front desk what happened last night, freed half of our room rate, and checked the monitoring, only to know that the opposite room checked out early in the morning, did not close the door.
Yurong Hotel, Luzhou
3.9/56 Reviews
The hotel rooms are very clean and hygienic, and the air feels fresher when you enter the door. The hotel rooms are cleaned very cleanly, the tables and countertops are spotless and hygienic. They are carefully and carefully done. When I enter the door, I feel that the air is fresher and makes me feel very comfortable.
Puhe Hotel
4.7/5617 Reviews
Originally, I also saw that Ctrip's score was relatively high, but the actual feeling was better. The decoration style of the hotel was simple and modern and warm, the color was very comfortable, the door was a avenue, the trees on both sides were dense and green, there were various shops, and the shopping was convenient. The first time I ordered takeaway, I met the robot baby to deliver food. It was cute and soft, super like it, and very safe. The buffet breakfast is a northern feature, simple and refreshing, tastes good, and the dining environment is also very elegant. The gentle and beautiful front desk lady, the thin and capable cleaning sister, the kind restaurant aunt, made me feel that Zhangzhou dialect is very good for the first time, very humorous and authentic. A very good experience, thank you for meeting.

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