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Hampton Inn Boston/Cambridge
4.3/5103 Reviews
The hotel is very cost effective and is the only hotel I have ever encountered to offer a complimentary breakfast in a similar hotel. like!
Near Harvard University,Quiet and sweet bedroom,
5/51 Reviews
During the event, the prices of hotels near the school increased a lot. The price of this B&B is relatively affordable.
The Kendall Hotel at The Engine 7 Firehouse
4.6/5103 Reviews
The hotel is small, but the furniture and bathroom are new and have no odor. The bed and quilt pillows are super comfortable and will not cause the sound of salsa to affect sleep. There are not many types of breakfast, it is delicious. Great location, 10 minutes walk to the MIT Museum. There is a seafood restaurant across the road from the hotel and the lobster is great. The staff is also very warm and thoughtful. By the way, it is incredible that the room is also prepared with free snacks and fruit.
Irving House at Harvard
4.2/5103 Reviews
The hotel feels very warm!
Boston Marriott Cambridge
4.4/5131 Reviews
Did I spend roughly $50 (pre-tax & tip) on a lobster roll and a glass of prosecco? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. I'm going to touch on other aspects of my stay, but I can't believe how many fresh tasting, big, succulent chunks of lobster were in this hotel lounge lobster roll. It's cold & mayo based, which I know isn't for everyone (I see you got buttered lobster roll people and I understand completely; I'm just an equal opportunist when it comes to lobster rolls), but it was really good - like, not good for a hotel lounge, but good good. Yum! Ok, so why 4 stars? If it were based on the hospitality of the staff alone, I'd give it 6. Every staff member I encountered was genuinely affable - some were more outgoing than others, sure, but I appreciate mellow kindness. Also, this might be the first time I've remembered to pack all of my extra little charging stations, and I didn't even need them. So many conveniently placed outlets and USB ports - and the main room light was warm toned and welcoming, which is also a little treat :) I had to take away a star because of the general noise. My sleep wasn't disturbed, because I always travel with hardcore ear plugs and a sleep mask, but I couldn't close the curtains all the way (even with the pants hanger clip trick) so there was light coming in, and I could hear everything in the hall. Also plumbing noises (like pipes pinging and gurgling - nothing alarming, just...mildly intrusive). I was also disappointed that there wasn't a laundry bag or dry cleaning service like there are in the other Marriotts I've stayed in; I want to call myself out on not going to the front desk to ask specifically for this, but every other Marriott I've been in has a laundry bag with a dry cleaning order form in the closet. There also weren't any extra blankets in the closet; again, I didn't ask the front for one (and I'm sure they would have given one to me) but I wish there had been one in the room as it was super comfortable until I woke up at 2 am - which is really late and inconvenient to realize you need extra blankets. Ok, so that's why I took away a star. The other 4 are for the friendly staff, incredibly convenient location (anywhere I didn't walk, I took a Bluebike from the stand right outside), gorgeous fitness center (Pelotons?! What?!), and general cleanliness. If I come back to Boston/Cambridge for work, I'm 100% staying here. (If I come for pleasure, I'd probably try a quaint inn or something, but honestly I'd likely stay here the final night of my trip because it is also FIFTEEN MINUTES from the airport. But with a great river view, and no plane noises.) More on the location: walk to the river, and across the Harvard bridge. You're literally right there, and it's a great way to see the city (and while there's a CVS across the street, the one over the bridge is in a historic building. I'm from California, so to me that is very special 😂). It also takes 15 minutes to walk to the Cambridgeside Galleria if you n
Sonder 907 Main
4/578 Reviews
Due to the change of travel plan, before leaving, I hurried to Trip.com to find hotels near the destination and chose No. 907 Songdel Main Street, which is both distance and cost-effective. The room is in a good location, complete facilities, easy to use, wifi is unblocked, and the stay is very comfortable.

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Cambridge Travel Guide

There are many discounted hotels on Trip.com. Planning a trip to Cambridge? You can plan a one or two day trip to Cambridge. For trips in Cambridge, you can choose hotels around the city center or accommodations near popular attractions.

There is no civilian airport in this city. You can visit a nearby city first, and then head to Cambridge using other means of transportation. Visitors often choose to travel to Cambridge by bus.

When visiting Cambridge, you can choose from over 33 hotels with great reviews. Cambridge has many well-known chain hotels which are suitable for both business trips and vacations. In Cambridge, chain hotels such as Marriott are one of the top choices among travelers. Hotels under the Marriott brand are a good choice. Hyatt Regency Cambridge is one of the most popular hotels in Cambridge. Many tourists also stay at Residence Inn by Marriott Boston Cambridge.

There are quite a few famous attractions in downtown Cambridge, such as Sanders Theatre. If you want to spend a fun vacation with your family, locals recommend visiting Fresh Pond Reservation, Imagine: A Center for Community & the Arts, Mt. Auburn Cemetery. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Kendall Square, MIT Museum, Central Square. Upon departure, you can head to popular commercial areas like Coady Florist, Skenderian Apothecary, Mass Ave Music to buy souvenirs or travel accessories.

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