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Home Inn (Chengdu339dianshita Xinhong Road)
4.7/5597 Reviews

Home Inn (Chengdu339dianshita Xinhong Road)

Taisheng Road Commercial Area Chengdu|2.66km from Hejiangting Wharf

Latest booking 5 hrs ago

The hotel is located in the third east section of the First Ring Road in the center of Chengdu. You can reach the hotel from Exit B2 of Metro Line 6. It captures the essence and prosperity of the 3000-year-old culture. It is close to the landmark 339 TV Tower, Xiangheli, Xiangxiang Lane, and Jianshe Road Food Street. , Electronic Science and Technology Department Food Street, Mengzhuiwan Swimming Pool; it only takes about 15 minutes by car to reach Kuanzhai Alley, Wuhou Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Jinli, Chunxi Road, Dongjiao Memory and other famous attractions. The transfer is convenient, it is a 10-minute drive from Chengdu Tourism Distribution Center, and the transportation is convenient and fast. The hotel is about a 10-minute walk from Chenghua Primary School (Xinhua Campus), Chengdu Shishi Middle School (Peihua Campus), Peihua Primary School, Chengdu Bilingual Experimental School, and Jianke Vocational and Technical Training School. It is about 20 minutes' walk from Sichuan Province Chengdu Liewu Middle School (Shuangqiao Campus), Chengdu Liewu Middle School and High School Campus, Chengdu Longcheng Primary School, and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Shahe Campus.There is a free self-service laundry room (available for washing, drying, and ironing), a restaurant that can accommodate 40 people, and a rich menu (a combination of Chinese and Western food, with more than 30 types of dishes), well-equipped guest rooms and public facilities. The business area has a lobby rest area, a business negotiation area, and a fully equipped conference room that can accommodate about 60 people. It is the first choice for your business travel.The overall color tone of the hotel adopts low-saturation neutral colors, which not only shows the taste but also gives people a warm and elegant visual experience. It is also matched with warm maroon and a touch of fresh light blue to coordinate and balance the inner " Vitality” and “stability”. At the same time, the designer used a plane composition design method and combined it with pure geometric elements to evolve the "annual ring" symbol that symbolizes the brand's continuous progress into various icons and unique paintings, which were spread in different areas of the hotel to depict the guests' Unforgettable memories.

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Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu
4.8/57247 Reviews
Hejiang Pavilion/Jiuyan Bridge Nearby Area
Overall, services are excellent! Starting from reception, breakfast cafe, horizon club, house keeping, all staff we met are friendly, attentive and responsive. Special credits to the house keeping lady and male manager who took charge at the horizon club. We stayed at Shangrila Chengdu from 27 Dec - 31 Dec 2023. Highly recommended!!
4.7/527 Reviews
Hejiang Pavilion/Jiuyan Bridge Nearby Area
Quite satisfied with a stay, full of home taste, will continue to book next time, the scenery outside the window is superb, downstairs because it is a bar street, very lively at night, there is a feeling of staying in Lijiang
The Hidden House(Chengdu Taikoo Li & Hejiangting))
4.8/53060 Reviews
Hejiang Pavilion/Jiuyan Bridge Nearby Area
The hotel is located inside a small building, 13th and 14th floor which was a bit weird. There were a lot of other people who were staying in the building and lift was small so had to wait a few rounds before being able to board the lift to go up to hotel lobby. Had to head up to 14th floor for check in, there was only 2 lift to head up and had bags of rubbish. Was not the best first impression. Check in area was nice with an amazing rooftop view. They served us hot tea upon arrival while waiting for check in. And gave us apple because it was Christmas Day when we arrived. Room was big with balcony, and had basic amenities a traveller will need. Location was quite convenient to find food and transport too.
4.7/523 Reviews
Hejiang Pavilion/Jiuyan Bridge Nearby Area
The room design is very good, the bed is very clean, the bathroom is very clean, the bath is very comfortable, and there should be a bar downstairs. I can hear some sounds and vibrations, but the impact is not big. I can sleep quickly and sleep quickly. The homeowner also prepared earplugs intimately. Very nice Good location next to the Civil Affairs Bureau. There is a cute panda couple at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. The crossroads are the love zebra crossing. There are many young people who come to punch in and take pictures. If you go to Taikoo Li, you can take a taxi for five minutes. It is more convenient to take a walk. The host is very enthusiastic and very nice. I will come back in summer vacation. 👍
4.3/5205 Reviews
Hejiang Pavilion/Jiuyan Bridge Nearby Area
This hotel is really good, the front desk attitude is superb 👍 for the sake of customers everywhere, clean and tidy. The hotel's parking is also very convenient. You can take the elevator in Block A directly to the 2nd floor in the basement. The front desk is on the second floor. The front desk decoration is also tall. There are hanging chairs. You can also sit at the front desk to make tea. It takes less than two kilometers to walk from Chunxi Road Taikoo and ten minutes. It is really beautiful to stroll around Jiuyan Bridge at night. The key is that there are many delicious foods around, and they are quite cheap! Next time you come, you must still book your home 😀😀
4.6/51 Reviews
Hejiang Pavilion/Jiuyan Bridge Nearby Area
I am very satisfied with the house. I am as comfortable as living in my own home. The furniture and appliances are available. The environment is beautiful and quiet. The landlord has a good attitude and is very enthusiastic. I hope to have the opportunity to stay here again in the future.

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