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Top rated hotels in Cixi

Searching for hotels near Vanguard (Xinpu Branch)? Compare room rates and reviews to find your ideal stay.
OYO cixi jiayi hotel
4.1/56 Reviews
Satisfied, Guangdong came over and kept the room.
Cixi Xinmengyuan Hotel
4.6/512 Reviews
I went to Cixi for the second time, clean and hygienic, in fact, the hotel that was underrated, the front desk was very warm, I will stay here next time.
Hengjia Business Hotel Cixi
1.5/512 Reviews
Good location, the owner is very enthusiastic
Fuyue Hotel
4.1/545 Reviews
Very affordable, the boss is very good, very polite, this price is not said. Just don’t let too many people go up, it seems to be afraid of the police station to check
Hanting Hotel(Cixi Xinpu)
4.6/5165 Reviews
The third time, I live here every time I come to Xinpu Town. After all, the hotel chain is better than the one on the side, at least clean. It is also close to the town, and you can see a lot of food when you walk a little way. The young lady at the front desk has a very good service attitude and responded quickly.
Cixi taihai business hotel no
2.5/57 Reviews
Convenient transportation, good environment, parking spaces, and the store's service attitude is particularly good

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