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Villa White Queen
4.7/523 Reviews
The staff and the Hotel manager are so helpful and supportive. They are always smiling and they are so friendly. I feel like staying at my own house. The meals and the breakfast are amazing. I would recommend fried calamari, pasta with jumbo prawns, seasonal salad , all of them are so delicious . If you really like bouitique hotel concept and uniqe friendly environment, this hotel is the best choice for you
Villa Upper Dickson
4.4/57 Reviews
The best place to stay in Galle. I only stayed here for 3 nights but I would love to call this place ‘a home.’ The place is cozy,the room is big and clean. Breakfast was lovely and prepared by Iflal,a manager. Swimming pool is cool. Located very near to Dutch Galle Fort. Near fruit market and local stores. You may take a tuk tuk or even asked a hotel to arrange everything for you. Could not thanks enough for mr. Iflal and his team. They made my stay was so comfortable and I feel safe like home. (I am a female solo traveler) but I really sleep safe and sound in this villa. Whenever you need helps,the staff are there for you and they really gives you the best solution. Feel like home ;) and will definitely go back there again.
Tanty’s Hostel
4.5/55 Reviews
Awesome place, the best youth travel I have ever stayed in so far, manages to take care of all places clean and spotless, especially comfortable, can cook, and have a separate bathroom for girls.
Villa Frangipani
4/50 Reviews
The place is a bit off, did we come in by Dudu Navigation? The price is ok, breakfast is European style, bread, jam, fruit, milk coffee. The room is large, 20 square meters, there is a swimming pool about ten meters long in the yard, the service guys are also very enthusiastic, and parking is possible in the yard
Villa Vidura
4.6/57 Reviews
We stayed here for two nights and were made to feel so at home . The hosts picked us up from the bus station and offered affordable taxi lifts and whatever time. We were recommended some great places to eat. The guesthouse was comfortable, great bed and big enough bathroom. Incredible value for money. As 2 female travellers we are so reassured with staying here and would definitely go back because the family made this entire experience. Thank you so so much both!!
Kalan Villa
3.8/52 Reviews
Good location and convenient travel. Walking distance from the supermarket. The drive to the castle is also about 10 minutes. Cost-effective

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