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5 star

Hotel Can Alomar - Adults only
4.7/559 Reviews

Hotel Can Alomar - Adults only

Palma de Mallorca|0.15km from city centre
My husband & I have just returned from Hotel Can Alomar having stayed 4 nights in this perfect hotel. We found the accommodation 1st class, extremely comfortable and well equipped. As a base the location of this hotel was ideal set amongst the best shopping street in Palma with the wonder of the old town on our doorstep. This hotel is a must for anyone looking for somewhere special. A perfect hotel for a romantic getaway. The hotel itself has so much character, with the most relaxing veranda to sit in and sip cocktails or the 2nd veranda the perfect place to eat a leisurely breakfast, washed down with cava or dine in the evening in their wonderful 5 star restaurant. Could it get any more perfect you may ask.....yes it can! Perfection in this hotel comes in the name of ANDREEA GENES, DEPUTY MANAGER, what a lady. Our first encounter with Andreea was on the day we arrived. We were met by Andreea with a big welcoming smile and a complimentary glass of bubbles. She couldn't do enough for us, & was truly interested in us having the best time ever. It was important to her that we as guests at Can Alomar had everything we needed and more. In all my years travelling I think she must be one of the nicest managers I have ever encountered. I will definitely stay in touch with her. I must also give a big shoutout to our breakfast waitress Mirnerva, another gem. Mirnerva was so lovely, so efficient and did her job to perfection. I loved this hotel and everything that came with it. We look forward to returning. Neil & Katriona (Ireland)

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Hesperia Ciudad de Mallorca
3.8/526 Reviews

Hesperia Ciudad de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca|2.8km from city centre
This hotel is sold as 4 star but in my opinion is more like a 2 star motel. It is clean but it is hard to find anything else that is positive about it. Overall, I found that the building and garden are grubby and in need of attention. The pool area is very tired and unappealing. The pillows were stained and so well worn that they provided no support. When I asked for new ones the replacements were still the same. The bed had been used so much on one side that there was a constant lean on that side which gave the feeling of rolling off. There were several cracks in the bottom of the bath where it was collapsing and unhygienic. When I brought this to the attendees of the lady on reception during the day she said they would look into it but I never heard from her on it again. The hotel had turned the air-conditioning off centrally and refused to turn it on which meant that our room was too warm and stuffy. This meant that we had to keep the balcony door open resulting in constant noise from the traffic at a busy junction below through the night. On one occasion I was stopped by a member of staff and told I couldn't bring my breakfast from the dining room to my room unless I paid an additional charge. None of the staff were able to assist us with any enquiries or requests to address our issues. The night porter had no English and the lady atvthe front desk was totally indifferent to us. She said if we don't like the hotel we should checkout, so we did, never to return.

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New Urban Zhujiang

Jumeirah Guangzhou
4.8/55020 Reviews

Jumeirah Guangzhou

Zhujiang New Town and Wuyang New Town Commercial Area Guangzhou|0.1km from New Urban Zhujiang
I paid for room twice. When booked it in app and at the reception. + Deposit . Why ? I don't know . But it's really stupid. Rooms are perfect. Watch guy at the swimming pool really piss me off. He had business only to me about swimming cap . Few times he say , that I NEED A CAP AT OPEN SWIMMING POOL in 5 stars hotel. For what ? Because I have less hair on my head than Chinese guest at their armpits. When other people was swimming without it. There is no any rule or warning about the cap at the pool. So I refuse it several times and the last one really piss me off. People start to understand you only when you raise your voice and become rude. I don't know , does the ” Six on bar ” or ”Bar on six ” ( really stupid name and logo design) belong to Jumeirah, but we was choosing, what we want to eat , around 10 minutes, and When I make a choice, manager just told me , that they don't have a chicken, which I want to order. REALLY???!!!! 5 stars hotel doesn't have chicken at the kitchen. Why waiter didn't warn me about they don't have it? Did I order giraffe or crocodile meat? IT'S A CHICKEN! Also we didn't receive menu with non alcohol drinks so we decided, that they don't have it. So we just leave that restaurant, because it's really out of my mind. Now I understand, why there is no tips in China. Tips for what? For ****ty service in 5 star hotel? Other workers was super cool , like reception or delivery to the room. Very fast , smooth and nice job . Really grateful for that P.S. - hotel can save my photo and made the pool stuff to remember me and never speak about cap again, cause they will show me , how long can they be underwater without oxygen.
Jumeirah Living Guangzhou
4.8/5663 Reviews

Jumeirah Living Guangzhou

Zhujiang New Town and Wuyang New Town Commercial Area Guangzhou|0.12km from New Urban Zhujiang
If I describe the hardware of Jumeirah Living as a pupil getting 99 out of 100 in an exam, then I will be in big trouble when commenting its software – 100 out of 100 is just not enough to describe how wonderful the ladies and gentlemen at Jumeirah Living are! The hardware at Jumeirah Living may be amazing but still has something for me to be picky with. However, I guess even the most demanding people will find it a struggle to think of a word to be picky with Jumeirah Living’s people. Maybe I can put my conclusion here first: among all the hotels I have experienced in Guangzhou, Mandarin Oriental, Jumeirah, and Jumeirah Living have the most amazing people. While MO and Jumeirah hotel should be proud of their accomplishment, this is a particularly huge achievement for Jumeirah Living – any service apartment should be really proud of itself if its service is comparable to the finest hotels. It is just like a water polo athlete winning a professional swimmer in swimming. The fact that a water polo player can overperform a professional swimmer in swimming, which the former only practices as a supplement to her/his main training in water polo, proves how hardworking that water polo athlete is. I cannot respect this hard work more! Even though I would put MO, Jumeirah, and Jumeirah Living as the top three of Guangzhou, they are wonderful in very different ways. MO is like a well-educated Confucius scholar; Jumeirah hotel is like a royal butler polishing every service to the finest possible extent; for Jumeirah Living, my apologies, I need more than one sentence to make the metaphor. When we began college, the school would usually assign each of us a student mentor, who may be one year or two above us. These student mentors are usually exceptionally energetic and caring (to the extent they would worry if we knew where to eat pizza on campus!). However, their care is different from those from parents and teachers. They are much more easy-going and someone we can feel at ease to be with; someone we can laugh and hang out together. This is precisely how the ladies and gentlemen are like at Jumeirah Living! The most important thing is I do not think my encounter with these amazing people is incidental – I believe the culture of Jumeirah Living is like that. This is because I have encountered at least three people at Jumeirah Living (Abel, Vivian, and Winson) as easy-going, friendly, and helpful as the student mentor described above!
Rosewood Guangzhou
4.7/56094 Reviews

Rosewood Guangzhou

Zhujiang New Town and Wuyang New Town Commercial Area Guangzhou|0.23km from New Urban Zhujiang
A true 5-star hotel (not so common in China). I was celebrating my birthday and received an upgrade to a fantastic river view Premier room on F98 and a complimentary bottle of red wine and bespoke strawberry chocolate. The wonderfully designed room was very quiet and cozy, with the largest bathtub I’ve ever bathed in (in China), a Dyson hairdryer, Bose Bluetooth speaker and good wifi. The toiletries were of good quality and the minibar had a great selection of drinks, snacks and an espresso machine. The furniture and designer details, as well as the lighting are superb. The electronic curtains combined with the incredible view of Guangzhou was the cherry on top! The room service was of good quality but the portions were slightly smaller (I ordered a salad and chocolate cake) - I also had to ask the waiter to open the bottle of wine and bring me a special wine glass. I enjoyed my healing massage (with aromatic oils and Tibetan bowl) immensely (probably the best I’ve had in China) but the tea/snack were slightly disappointing and the hostess just brings you to the massage room and escorts you out whereas I would have enjoyed the experience of relaxing in the luxury spa area (or going to the sauna) instead…considering the price… The gym is fully equipped with modern cardio machines, weights and a refreshment area, towels, water included. I would have enjoyed doing some yoga but the movement room was locked. The key-cards are cute, small, square shaped and well designed, but it is annoying that they have to be used everywhere one goes. The stylish red elevators with adorable artwork, smoothly transport you to one of the highest bars/spas or pools in the world, but at checkout they proved to be small for all of those rushing to get their DiDi. The pool area among the clouds, is fantastic to spend the morning swimming, unwinding in the jacuzzi or in a comfy and elegant gazebo with a heavenly view. It would also be great to be able to have coffee or a cocktail by the poolside (but this is not typical in China). I spent both evenings in the “Too High Bar” on F107, listening to the best jazz band in Guangzhou and their gorgeous and talented singer Alejandra. The 1920s Negronis and Gin tonics, prepared by cocktail expert Felipe, accompanied by spicy cashews and sea**** snacks, were excellent too. The biggest plus is that all the staff is very professional, hard working and speak good English, which made my stay comfortable and trouble free. I hope to visit again soon!. Thank you Rosewood!

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Canton Tower

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Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

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Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

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Jude Hotel (Guangzhou Xiaoping Subway Station)
3.5/571 Reviews
Baiyun District
The next day I continued to live online, because it was too noisy, I booked. The big bed room with the inner window, but the front desk called and the tone was very bad. I asked me if I renewed the room. I renewed the big bed with a twin bed. I said I want to change the room. Can't I? This room is so noisy that I can’t sleep well at all. She said that you came down to change rooms. As a result, the bathroom in the big bed room does not know whether the toilet leaks or the sink leaks. The bathroom floor has always been wet.
4.7/51 Reviews
Conghua Business District
The store lady is very good and very intimate. Before check-in, not only send us check-in instructions but also recommend a lot of places to eat, drink and have fun around. There is also a butler reception. If you have any problems, you will come over and help solve it immediately. The villa experience is good, not only the entertainment facilities are many, The most important hygiene is also cleaned very clean, the physical objects and online pictures, the family are very satisfied.
3.5/59 Reviews
Fanyu District
The TV in the room was broken. I found two masters to repair it. Although it was not repaired, the service attitude was very good.
Jinjiang Inn Guangzhou Pazhou Convention Center City Hotel
4.4/5390 Reviews
Dongpu Economic Development Zone
I drank a lot at night and lived temporarily The sanitation is very clean, very quiet, comfortable to sleep, everything is ok, it is just an ordinary express hotel, but it is embarrassing not being able to park? nothing else
4.6/560 Reviews
Shamian Island and Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
The landlord was super nice and responded quickly ~ After booking, I contacted and arranged to check in the next day. The room was cleaned and tidy. The decoration in the house was also very warm. The room could also see the river view! It is also very close to the subway station, the traffic is very convenient, you can walk to Yongqingfang, and there is also a subway station in Shamian. It is very good. It is recommended to everyone for high cost performance. ~
4.4/51789 Reviews
Beijing Road Pedestrian Street and Haizhu Square
The room is good, even if it is a cheap room type, you can see a little Pearl River, the room is very comfortable to sleep, the air conditioning is very good, there are many delicious foods nearby, not far from Beijing Road, the only fly in the ointment is that the room is a bit poor in sound insulation, you can hear the sound of talking in the aisle

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Guangzhou Travel Recommendations and City Info

Looking for hotels in Guangzhou? is a great place to start. New and popular hotels in Guangzhou recommended by While traveling to China, Guangzhou is one of the most popular destinations. Located in China, Guangzhou is a well-known and vibrant city. Guangzhou is not far from Foshan and Dongguan. These places can also be included in your itinerary.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the primary airport in Guangzhou. If you don't want to take a flight, coming to Guangzhou by train is a good choice as well.

There are 1386 hotels in Guangzhou on, including luxury, boutique, and budget hotels. There are many well-known chain hotels in Guangzhou. In Guangzhou, chain hotels such as Ramada are one of the top choices among travelers. In Guangzhou, there are hotels under the Ramada brand. Travelers who favor this brand can choose to stay there to enjoy the luxury services provided by Ramada. Jianguo Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Guangzhou. Many tourists also stay at Skyline Plaza Hotel.

There are quite a few famous attractions in downtown Guangzhou, such as Canton Tower, Zhujiang New Town. You can choose attractions in Guangzhou that are perfect for a weekend getaway, such as Sunflower Garden. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Haizhu Square, Beijing Road. Those interested in art and culture can visit attractions like Guangzhou Tianhe Museum, South Vietnam Palace Museum. For those interested in the outdoors, attractions like Haizhu Lake, Shamian Park are excellent options. Upon departure, you can head to popular commercial areas like China Plaza (North Gate) to buy souvenirs or travel accessories.

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• July to September: 30.49°C during the day, 26.81°C at night

• October to December: 22.49°C during the day, 18.21°C at night

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• Spring: 69.53 cm

• Summer: 263.33 cm

• Autumn: 222.13 cm

• Winter: 45.47 cm

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