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Mystique Regis Habana by Royalton
4.6/546 Reviews
We had a wonderful stay at the elegant Mystique Habana! Traveling with a baby was made easy with the exceptionally warm and accommodating staff, led by Pavel and Arianna. They consistently went above and beyond in providing us with everything we needed during our one week stay. The hotel itself is beautifully renovated and within walking distance of many sights and attractions...old Havana, parque Central, Malacon, etc. We looked forward to breakfast every morning on the rooftop terrace with a great view of the city. There are many eating options closeby and it was easy to catch a bus to the beach when we wanted to relax. All in all, I highly recommend this hotel!
Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski la Habana
3.8/557 Reviews
The location of the hotel is very good, very close to the attractions, and there are various classic car taxis to take when you go out. It is also very convenient to find the hotel to help book a taxi to Varadero. Cuba is relatively scarce in supplies. This hotel is in very good condition, and the front desk can also swipe American cards. The swimming pool on the rooftop can punch in the same style as Jay Chou.
4.4/54 Reviews
Cleanliness - yes. The location is not for everyone - in the old town, I wanted a hotel in this place and I found it. Beautiful and colorful! Service for Cuba... ok, both cleaning and breakfast. The shower is rough, but it works; not a powerful flow of warm water. The air conditioner is quite quiet. (When I arrived late in the evening, I forgot to turn it on...)
Iberostar Selection Parque Central
4.2/571 Reviews
There is a sightseeing bus stop near the hotel, $10/person There is a shuttle bus to the airport for $5/person. The exchange rate at the hotel is bad 1:120 Exchange with the security guard for 1:200 no napkins A 1.5 liter bottle of water is provided on the first day of stay The next day I started buying a bottle at the bar for 400 pesos. It is recommended to live in the old building as it has more heritage than the new building. Very close to the Hemingway store where Gou Huan checked in The classic car distribution center is also near the hotel. The swimming pool on the eighth floor is nice but the facilities are old. Even if the air conditioner is turned off, there is still noise
Hotel Caribbean
4.2/56 Reviews
We knew what to expect in Cuba, but still, you are not prepared for all. First of all we lost our first night in Cuba because the airline company changed the flight so we arrived second night very late. We got our room and we went to accommodate us. The hotel has some rooms without windows and we got one of that. The smell in the room was so bad (mixture of mold and urine)you couldn't even breathe . Even the bed linen was dirty and smell bad. My partner said he could not sleep there so he went down and speak with the receptionist to give us another room or if nothing available to change the bed linen for that night and after will see. Luckily she gave us another room ( I think one of the best in the hotel) with balcony ( the hotel has only 2 rooms with balcony so we got one of them) The smell still comes from bathroom but after we close the bathroom door was OK and we could keep the balcony door open for fresh air. The bed linen and towels look clean but with a lot of stains out. The breakfast was OK for Cuba, you couldn't expect more than that. Good coffee. The staff is nice and they try to help you. You must pay for Internet each day ( very cheap) but sometimes in the morning was very difficult for them to get a code. ( you need a code for each device ) The fact that they changed our room make our stay in Cuba overall good.
Hotel Palacio Cueto
3.7/527 Reviews
Hotel is excellent except I am disappointed in the way the luhgage storage was handled. I checkrd out on Dec 23 and left my bG there for my return check in on Dec 26. Was told by receptionist & security that i have to pay for daily storage. I made the payment and there was no receipt provided. what is worst is the baggage storage jas no tah for reclaim. what if domeone accidentally takes away my bag which is a rimowa. after i insist on docrmentation i was given a hand written note to indicate my name. For a five star hotel you should be more professional in handling this ; charging returning customers for 3 nites to store a bag when i am returning? and mo receipt after i pay? and mo collection tah for security?

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