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    Hua Hin Boutique Hotel Guide

    The seaside town of Hua Hin, which is a 3-hour drive from Bangkok, is a traditional Thai royal resort area where the King’s summer residence is located. When compared with Pattaya, Hua Hin's downtown area is full of elegance and tranquility. Thailand's oldest and most beautiful train station and the former Thai Emperor's Palace are both located here. There are many options for tourists who visit Hua Hin. Visitors can ride horses by the seaside, buy souvenirs at the creative fair, and enjoy themselves at the amusement parks. Hua Hin's golfing and spa facilities are also a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

    Starting from Hua Hin, visitors can rent a car and drive to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park which is just a short distance away. The bronze statues of the masters of Luang Pu Thuat that are said to be more divine than the four-faced Buddha and the “City of the Mountain” Khao Wang Palace are also worth a visit. Hua Hin has white sand beaches stretching 10 kilometers. All beaches are free. The coolest and most unique local activity is riding a horse on the beach. Like all Thai night markets, the night markets in Hua Hin are mainly focused on food. The seafood is cheap and tasty. On weekends, there is also a creative market full of art and culture. The Palace of Love and Hope, established by King Rama VI for his third princess, is honored as one of the most romantic buildings in the world. It has now been converted into a museum, displaying cultural relics and photo exhibitions of the Thai royal family. Santorini Park Cha-am, an amusement park popular with visitors, is divided into 5 areas: amusement, leisure, shopping, performances and weekend markets. Each ride and activity in the amusement park is charged separately. The Floating Market is also a fun cultural experience to partake in. Khao Wang Palace, outside of Hua Hin, is on the hills in Phetchaburi. The fourth Thai King loved the beautiful scenery of the mountains and hills very much so he built the palace on the foothills. Visitors can take a cable car up to experience the “city in the mountains”.

    Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park is 63 kilometers from Hua Hin and has high limestone peaks, mangrove swamps and mountains and water connected to the sea. There is also a wide variety of exotic flowers and birds. Accommodation is available in the park. There is a palace in the Tham Phraya Nakhon Cave on the island in the park. When the sun shines through the gap at the top of the cave into the palace, the view of the landscape is breathtaking. For hotels in Hua Hin, travelers have excellent accommodation options, ranging from luxury villas with complete entertainment facilities to affordable beach huts. In recent years, large resort style hotels have opened in Hua Hin. Since Hua Hin is also a popular holiday destination for Thai locals, the weekend prices of budget hotels usually increase by around 20%.

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