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5 star

Bojing Baden Hotel
4.9/53046 Reviews

Bojing Baden Hotel

Jiangyou|2.09km from YiYuan XinTianDi XiuXian GouWu GuangChang
I have to write a good account of this hotel in this small town ~ Two days in advance, the staff called to contact, asked if there was any need, arranged the room in advance, and then the lobby manager Qiqi added me, sent me precautions and warm reminders, thank you very much. The fruit has been set up in the room, and the child's dragon doll is also put on, so happy! More than 300 house prices, which is perfect! Because I don't want to live at the end of the corridor, I upgraded from a superior room type to a deluxe room type for free, thank you. The room is very large and spacious, the decoration style is also what I like, not earthy, not old, the bathroom is also very large, it is especially convenient to bring children! The breakfast was very rich. We also had a buffet dinner and it was very good. The restaurant was opposite the children's playground area. I have to say that this design is convenient for parents to take care of children. The second is that this small playground is still the top of the starry sky. The design color scheme is really beautiful. The baby stayed for two nights and mixed up here every night to make friends and not return to the room. There is also a swimming pool, but we didn't go without a swimsuit. I don't know what it looks like and how the water temperature is. The location is also very convenient, there are a lot of food on foot downstairs, it is recommended to walk to the broken store in ten minutes, everyone navigates it very delicious! It is not far from the must-go Fangte and Li Bai Memorial Hall. It takes ten or twenty minutes to take a taxi. Note: Li Bai Memorial Hall and Li Bai's former residence are not the same. The memorial hall is close and there is no charge. The former residence is far away. If you come back next time, you will stay here again!

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Topping Asset Hotel
4.5/5437 Reviews
🌻I didn't expect to choose the cheapest room type less than 100 meters, which is so amazing😍 I didn't expect it at all! The service from the little sister at the front desk was very good 👍👍👍 Too enthusiastic, delivered a piece of fruit, it may be too late, not very fresh, but the mood is very good 😘😘 The room is very small, but the sparrow is small and well equipped with all the facilities and equipment Very complete, and two free bottles of mineral water 🥰🥰 Towels and bath towels are individually packaged, very hygienic, too suitable for me, I am useless if other hotels are not packaged, it feels dusty, I don’t know if I can get it in the future This price is too cheap, the boss should not increase the price 🤣🤣Finally, the summary: the room is small, the service is good, and the hygiene is good, it is recommended
Jiangyou Shunyuan Hotel
3.7/515 Reviews
The room facilities are outdated. Sanitation is so-so. The location of the hotel is relatively good. Needless to say the others. There are many places to eat around. The traffic is more convenient.
4.7/57 Reviews
I feel that the price of buying a boss's service is worth it! I really stayed at the homestay for the first time and met such a thoughtful boss. I responded very quickly when I consulted. I immediately contacted me after the order and sent me a check-in video and surrounding attractions and food. The boss answered the questions in advance. The day trip was very smooth, the room was very cost-effective, and I like the boss.
Super Hotel Jiangyou Fujiang First Bridge Shop
4.6/5666 Reviews
I took my family to open four rooms, Trip.com flashed, the front desk clerk Guo Xi and the security staff on the first day were very good, and very enthusiastic, and the professional knowledge was very rich, worthy of praise! The next day, a front desk clerk surnamed Jing met me to give me a deposit to stay, and the service attitude was extremely poor. What do you say that you are not willing to live and can refund the order and leave? Does Trip.com also need to pay a deposit? This is the feature of Jiangyou Super 8 Hotel? Is that how Super 8 treats guests? I asked to issue an electronic invoice before leaving the store. She said that she had to wait until after 9 am the next morning to open the system platform before issuing an invoice. She said that it was stipulated by the hotel manager. Do I have to wait there for two hours before issuing an electronic invoice? As a front desk clerk, not only lacks professional knowledge but also lacks his professionalism. It affects the image of the hotel too much. I am also drunk when I encounter such a front desk. It simply affects the mood of the accommodation. Why is the quality gap between the front desk clerk so big? ? ?
Jiangyou Hotel
3.6/541 Reviews
4月4日下午入住冮油賓館4樓,暖心服務,因為疫情回不了家,入住江油賓館,這裏的服務太好了,兒子的衣服找不到乾洗店洗,衹能在酒店洗好,客户姐姐昨晚主動幫我們拿去烘乾,一大早就送過來,全是免費的 ,真是幫我們一個大忙,在這裏説聲謝謝![強][強][強][強][強]
Jiangyou International Grand Hotel
4.1/592 Reviews
This was the sole hotel in the area qualified to welcome foreigners. The mattress of the bed was soft and the linen good, the room was spacious but we could hear easily the noise of the cars driving on the road nearby. The check in and out went smoothly. The hotel has a private parking with a guardian which makes it very convenient if you need to park your car. It is located 40minutes from interesting scenic areas, by car. The breakfast is solely chinese style.

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