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Victoria Hotel
4.7/51145 Reviews
I am very grateful to the security uncle of this hotel. I lost a ring in the hotel parking lot. After the uncle found it, he took the initiative to pick up the gold and handed it back to me. This honesty and integrity is really admirable. In addition, the hotel's service attitude is also very meticulous and thoughtful, especially for older adults with mobility difficulties, they will take the initiative to help and take care of them. The sanitary environment of the room is very good, maintaining a clean and tidy state. The heating effect of the air conditioner is very powerful, giving me a comfortable stay. Breakfast costs 5 yuan, but the price is very high and delicious. Overall, the experience of this stay is very good, highly recommended to everyone!
Jinjiang Inn (Jiaozuo Stadium)
4.5/5179 Reviews
The environment of the hotel is very good, the room is not facing the street, not noisy, very quiet. The location is not far from the city center, there are many restaurants around, there are many snacks, the business level at the front desk is still very high, the check-in is very fast, the service is very warm. The room was cleaned very clean, quite warm, and the bath towels were also individually packaged. This is worth giving a big praise 👍.
Vienna International Hotel (Jiaozuo High-speed Railway Station)
4.1/5455 Reviews
It is indeed very cost-effective. The standard room is less than one hundred yuan. The front desk (a handsome guy) helped to upgrade the family room (a big bed and a small window). The room is about 49 square meters. The toilet and shower room are separate. , It is very convenient to use if you live in a family. The big bed is very soft and comfortable, while the small bed is hard. The supplies are quite complete, and Miss Yuan at the front desk is very meticulous and friendly, and gave breakfast coupons. The breakfast is quite plentiful. fine!
Moshang Qingju Hotel
4.9/5540 Reviews
Work needs to be poor, and choose Moshang Light House Hotel again. In the college entrance examination, many parents in the lobby took their children to check in, and the tension was in place. I upgraded the room type. Although the room facilities and equipment are not much different, the location is still very good. There is a tatami in the room. It is more convenient to put things and drink tea and chat. It is more comfortable than the Eight Immortals table. Students who need to use a computer to work or recommend the Eight Immortals table, which will be more convenient. The breakfast room is on the second floor, buffet breakfast, and Mingshi District, with powder, noodles and chaos. If you live for a long time, you can also take the clothes you bring to the laundry room on the sixth floor of the Nanxisha laundry room, and there is a dryer. You can wear them directly after washing. There is also a gym on the third floor, that is, the ventilation is not very good, and the equipment is complete. The location is in the old town of Jiaozuo, the surrounding area is very lively and the atmosphere of life is strong. A touch of quiet and cool in downtown, properly comforting the mind.
Lanting jingpin Hotel (Jiaozuo Jianshe Road)
4.8/5144 Reviews
The hotel’s environment is clean and tidy, the room layout is perfect, elegant and not lost, the service is attentive, giving me a feeling of home, no matter how big or small it is so impeccable, the price is very reasonable, although it is not a star hotel, But the decoration is luxurious and magnificent, and the hotel’s dishes have an exotic flavor. There is an endless stream of people who come to eat. The entrance of the hotel is full of cars of various colors. Fruits are delivered when you check in. It is very warm, breakfast is very rich, parking at the door is convenient, and it is just outside the limited range, and there is fast charging Station, the gospel of electric cars. Highly recommend this hotel.
Qianna Linqi Hotel (Jiaozuo Jianshe Road Railway Station Branch)
4.8/5340 Reviews
Very good, quiet and comfortable, convenient surrounding, parking is OK, the bed is comfortable, it is very convenient to travel around, the air conditioning is good, the parking hotel is very considerate, and they also helped with sunshade. This hotel does everything very meticulously.

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