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5 star

Altis Avenida Hotel
4.5/5106 Reviews

Altis Avenida Hotel

Baixa Lisbon|0.89km from A Arte da Terra
I visited this place in march 2022 with my husband. The + of this hotel: - modern (I think they have redecorated it recently) - perfect situation (you are between Avenida da Liberdade with Restauradores square on one side and the Rossio square) and you have thus plenty of restaurants and shops right next to the hotel, as well as many places of interest to visit in the neighbourhood - a good restaurant at the top of the hotel with a great terrasse from where you can admire the city: the Rossio Gastrobar It is « tapas » kind and it was one of the best food we had during this 3 nights stay - a good breakfast offer in a room which is also situated on the roof top, on the other side of the gastrobar, though a little bit noisy when it is full - the rooms are correctly equipped and perfectly clean - though you are in an animated area, it is perfectly calm and quiet in the rooms The - now: - the bedrooms are very dark. We took one superior with balcony but still, all was black in this room and the view was…not what we expected, even if it was on a quite high floor. In fact most of them are facing their other hotel across the road. I bet you’d better take a suite to get an open view. - service is ok but very discreet (reception) or jaded (gastrobar). It was good at breakfast. Let me explain: I couldn’t get a reservation in any of the three restaurants I had asked for my last evening through the reception. I guess it saved me money :-) At Gastrobar, several waiters were acting as if they had not seen our signs, waiting for the only waitress that night to do it at their place (which she always did)

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Lisbon Serviced Apartments - Madalena
4/594 Reviews
You have to get a code for accessing the door before you arrive. This was ”not easy” in our case. We had booked the apartment via Expedia via a travel agency. On the day before our departure we had no code yet. Thanks to the good service quality of the travel agency, which have been very intensively struggling. We had the code a few hours before departure from Germany. NERVEREI! This was not the bad service yet to end. We arrived and entered the code on the vibrant street we were in a cold corridor. A screen said we should try on the virtual reception now. *stun* after about half an hour (scan passports ......) we had succeeded. We got another code for the room and the room number. NERVEREI! The lift just allowed two people to drive with light baggage. In Piso 4 we immediately saw our room. The code was entered and we were already in the middle of the room of our ”Apartment”. The apartment was super-optimized. NOT for the visitors but for the investors the deal is worth it. Yes, it was all available but everything of a quality that looks for its same. All made totally cheap. Even the toilet paper was thin as I haven't seen yet. We wanted to talk to someone after we had recovered from the shock. There were two cleaners in the house, one with a child, who did not speak English or did not want to speak, which is understandable because many guests certainly want to complain. A lady pointed to a telephone listener who was depending on the ”virtual reception”. Someone there had been in contact with whom communication was hardly possible because of language coloring. I didn't feel as an guest but as an object. How to easily see our feedback we are often on travel and know a little about the world. However, the experience in this apartment house was ”unique”. We would avoid the house.
Memmo Alfama - Design Hotels
4.6/5104 Reviews
The hotel and room are clean, the staff is very enthusiastic, and if there is a problem in the room, it will be resolved blindly. Breakfast is delicious and there are many types.
Varandas de Lisboa
4.3/5105 Reviews
Recently renovated, this hotel is modern and clean with a ton of its original charm. The windows are beautiful, beds are comfortable and staff were friendly and helpful. They allow you to store your baggage there if you want to enjoy the city while you're not checked in. The location is great, as you're walking distance from restaurants and shops. Theres a free walking tour that meets just outside of the hotel too. Highly recommended this place!
Largo da Sé Guest House - HOrigem
3.8/5101 Reviews
The hotel is very comfortable and comfortable and is very comfortable and comfortable.
Áurea Museum by Eurostars Hotel Company
4.4/5112 Reviews
for the price I was expecting 5 stars. A few things I see as less than this ; the spa was beautiful however, for the duration of our stay the spa wasn't up to full use - the tap didnt work, the sauna and steam room were both out of order .. turning a spa into just a pool. And some of the tiles in the spa were all lifting up on the floor. the mini bar was all an extra cost - which isn't unusua, l but considering the other hotel in lisbon that we stayed in first, was 4 stars and they INCLUDED items in the mini bar this was a downgrade from that. The air con in our room was AWFUL , again the first hotels aircon was amazing then we came here and we barely slept the whole time because the room felt warm, we told reception and they came to check it and told us it was fine, but it clearly wasnt. One of the vents wasnt even working. No coffee machine in the room which I expect for a hotel of this level. and for all of the above we werent even offered anything for the inconvience. the positves were the breakfast was amazing worth every penny, so much choice, the bartender was very good, and the hotel was beautiful and a fairly good location. however would stay in the other hotel if we returned- better value and quality.
Alfama Loft Studio Loft Apartment w/ River View - by LU Holidays
4/56 Reviews
There is a kitchen, and breakfast can be made by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which hotels near A Arte da Terra are popular with budget travellers?

    Whether you're travelling for business or going on a holiday, WOT Lisbon Patio, The Central House Lisbon Baixa and Hotel DAH - Dom Afonso Henriques are popular hotels at great price points.

  • What's the average price of hotels near A Arte da Terra this weekend?

    According to Trip.com, the average weekend price for 1 night at a hotel in A Arte da Terra in Lisbon is £170. Due to frequent price changes, the above prices are for reference only.

  • What's the average price per night of hotels near A Arte da Terra

    According to Trip.com, the average weekend price for 1 night at a hotel in A Arte da Terra in Lisbon is £47. Due to frequent price changes, the above prices are for reference only.

  • Which hotels near A Arte da Terra have free Wi-Fi?

    Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, Wi-Fi is an essential. WOT Lisbon Patio, VIP Inn Berna Hotel and VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel & Spa are all popular hotels that have free Wi-Fi.

  • Which popular hotels near A Arte da Terra have restaurants?

    If you like the idea of sampling local flavours while travelling, consider staying at WOT Lisbon Patio, VIP Inn Berna Hotel and VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel & Spa . There are plenty of restaurants that serve local dishes near these hotels.