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Coral Strand Smart Choice
3.7/566 Reviews
The hotel is more cost-effective. The downstairs is Beau Vallon beach. Surprise for breakfast, it is directly opposite the beach! The category is also very rich. The disadvantage is that the balcony is relatively small, the room facilities are average, and the pictures are not added with filters. You can see that the difference between sunny and cloudy days is still very big. I hope that friends who go there will have a personality explosion, every day It ’s all good weather ~
Fisherman's Cove Resort
4.1/520 Reviews
Hello My reservation was a kind of transfer night due to my stay at Six Senses . Hotel is located just next to the Beau vallon beach - one of the best public beach in the Seychelles. Villas are completely not my style - I felt myself dirty while staying there. Food is totally untasty . One of the waiters shouted at me what I have found really surprising, as immediately i told here there will be a big complaint about her from my side. The only advantage of the resort was one lady from the front desk. She was extremely helpful - because of her a get back my MacBook which will have left in the airplane.
Villa Roscia
4.6/541 Reviews
This place is fantastic. We stayed for 4 nights at the start of May to finish an amazing 4 island Seychelles trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary (we could have easily stayed at Villa Roscia for a full week or longer!). It is in the perfect location up a small hill from the main Beau Vallon beach area, including a 2 min walk to Beach Shak for cocktails! The included breakfast is wonderful with great produce. We loved the cakes (especially the orange ones with a little bit of Nutella on top!). Even better is the breakfast setting - a huge terrace with views over the whole of Beau Vallon, including the beautiful green mountains and stunning ocean. They were also accommodating to our early departure and provided breakfast to-go that we took to the airport with us. We opted for a sea view room, of which I believe there are two. We were allocated a lovely room with large private balcony with views of both the mountains and ocean (the other sea view room I believe has a more central sea view, but with a less private balcony). The room had a walk in wardrobe with a safe and a small fridge. We loved that all the rooms were named after Seychelles islands! The pool is a lovely addition and we used it 2 or 3 times - every time we had it to ourselves which was a bonus! Overall this is a great place to stay and we would come back in a heartbeat. Hope to see you all again on our next visit to the Seychelles! PS: You must eat at Leo’s Food Bus on Beau Vallon beach - have the garlic prawns or chilli prawns. You won’t regret it!
Story Seychelles
4.4/568 Reviews
The hotel's restaurant has nothing but expensive, breakfast, facilities are great, Europeans are many, the hotel is on Beau Vallon Beach. There is a bird flying in the hotel restaurant, waiting for you to feed the bread. See the video. The location is a bit far from the airport, 600 rupees to the airport, 200 to the capital, 300 to the port, and the taxi is huge
Forest Lodge
4.4/58 Reviews
The first thing to remember about this hotel is that one needs a car, the second thing is that there is no restaurant facilities, its self catering, but without the oven or a proper cooker, just a 2 ring and a micro. The room was fair and there was a sized terrace, air con worked ok. However, it got a bit cold at night and in the absence of a blanket so I had to turn it off. There was a TV with about 13 channels which took me a while to work out how to switch it on and get it to work. In the end I had to get the manager to assist me, The staff carefully took my temperature every day, even knocking on the door to get me to come down to take it. The hotel though is not really for singles, and its best staying in one of the bigger more expensive hotels if you want to mix with other single guests. Much of the time I appeared to be only one there, apart from American couple who were obviously spending weeks living there. The Restaurants around the area were ok but, to be honest, its not the best part of the Island: that honor goes to the the area around the CONSTANCE EPHILIA hotel on the West Coast. Beau VALLON is the nearest village and , to me, at any rate, it seems a bit faded. The hotel claims its 15 mins walk from the beach but I reckon that it is further. Quite a few of the restaurants were basically tourist traps, one or two were not bad, e.g. LA SCALA or MAKNEK, a local Indian. The weather, itself, quickly faded and it rained pretty much every day. The sea was also rough so diving was not pleasant, and visibility in the water was very poor. i went to try to walk the Coachella trail 3 times and each time it was closed, so was the natural history museum. Between the Corona, and the Christmas holidays, the Seychelles basically winds down at this time of year. Be aware of this if you think that its relatively cheap at this time of year. Also lying on the beach and getting drenched was not a great idea so one quickly runs out of things to do there in what is largely a beach kind of holiday place.. The principle town, VICTORIA, has a small fish and veg market, but otherwise there is not much to see there. The town seems full of economic migrants from African countries queing up to send their money back home at the money changers and banks. To cap it off the last two days there was a mini lockdown and all the restaurants were shut in the evening. I found one small cafe open the first night, but the second night I ended up eating a take away from the only take away open whilst sitting on the floor of the car park. Not really my taste. Summing up the hotel was reasonable, as far as it goes, but going at this time of year and in the midst of Corona was a mistake. The Seychelles, itself, looked like it had seen much better days. and the economy has been hard hit by an absence of tourists and it shows.
Petit Amour Villa, Seychelles
4.9/521 Reviews
Stopped in the villa by couples with friends. Enjoyed the rest. Everything is thought up to the tiny: and welcome cold tea, and light music for the atmosphere, start-up products and drinks in the refrigerator (wine, juice, eggs, yoghurt, bread, jam), which are in value. It is very convenient to agree with the host and right there the chef will prepare and serve breakfast/dining/dining. Breakfast cost 20 euros, dinner 30 euros per person (the menu agreed by us). The rascal master, allowed us to come in earlier and leave 4 hours later without extra payment. Besides him there is still an unseen assistant, a very pleasant woman. All bedrooms with a sleek, in our closet was a wardrobe. To the beach Bo Vallon 1.5 km, to Sanset Beach 1 km, you can walk (min 30-40 to Bo Vallon), but it is better to take a taxi (agreed down with locals who are on duty near the beach or with the host of the villa). A chic panoramic view on the bay, for one of those kinds I would have returned. Thank you, it was wonderful.

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