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Weather and the best time to travel to Manchester:

Manchester is a metropolitan borough in England. It is ranked the fifth from top in terms of the population size in the whole country. As of 2019, the metropolitan area population here was over 3.3 million, and the overall area was close to 630 kilometres squared. Manchester is a part of the Greater Manchester metropolitan county in north-western England. At present, this is one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom. Manchester is known for its vibrant culture, architecture, sports scene, and technological output among others. The city is known among sports fans for being the home ground of two prominent football clubs of the Premier League, Manchester United, and Manchester City. The city of Manchester lies on the banks of the River Irwell and features a climate that is somewhat temperate oceanic. This type of climate is pretty common in the many British Isles and is characterized by cool summers coupled with warm winters, nothing too extreme. The precipitation rates are not very high but the occurrence is regular in the region. Relative to other portions of England, Manchester is slightly more humid in comparison. The topography of the region is that of a plain which is washed with river gravels.        

Airport / nearby airport:

The metropolitan borough of Manchester is served by the Manchester Airport (MAN) which is some 14 kilometres away from the city centre. Getting to Manchester from Manchester Airport takes around 18- 20 minutes by road. This airport is among the busiest airports of England which comprise three terminals for passenger use and one terminal for cargo and goods aviation. The Manchester Airport sprawls over an area of some 1400 hectares and has flight connectivity to over 200 destinations across the world. There are many options of transport to get from Manchester Airport to the city centre. One of them is the Airport Shuttle bus Service which covers the journey in some 25 minutes and charges around 9 £ for a one-way trip. Official airport taxis are available all day long and they are a comfortable way to get to the city. These taxis charge some 20 £ for the journey.

Transportation: in Manchester

The commute in Manchester is not at all tough, as there is a very elaborate transportation network in place. Walking around the city is a popular choice here. Apart from that, you can avail a number of options like the free hop- on- hop- off buses which run in the city centre, or the commercial buses which connect the whole of Greater Manchester efficiently. The light railway Metrolink tram system of the UK is also a convenient choice of commute. It is particularly helpful for tourists as it travels through almost all popular places and attractions of the city. The System One Travel Card can be purchased if one wants to travel hassle-free through a combination of trams, trains, and buses. It is a travel smartcard that is accepted as a payment mode by most public transport providers. One can also cycle through Manchester easily; the city has dedicated cycle routes all around.          

How to get to Manchester:

The Manchester Airport (MAN) is one of the busiest in the whole of England. This is an international airport which is well connected with the rest of the world. Major airline operators like Turkish Airlines, Air France, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Swiss Air, and American Airlines among others offer services up to Manchester. If the flight is from a long distance, there is a very good chance that aside from having a longer duration there are also going to be one or two transit stops in between the journey. The domestic flight network inside the United Kingdom is something that one can rely on while planning a trip to Manchester. What this means is that if someone is travelling internationally to Manchester they can get a flight to any international airport in the UK. From there on, finding a cheap and short-duration flight to Manchester is an easier way.         

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range: 

  • Luxury hotels in Manchester with upscale amenities and world-class facilities can be availed for around 200 £. 
  • One can get decent 3-4 star Manchester hotels for some 100 £; they come with standard amenities like AC rooms, restaurants, Wi-Fi, pools, etc. 
  • Apart from these, there are many options for cheap hotels in Manchester too which are available for under 50 £. 
  • Talking about neighbourhood suggestions, Rusholme, City Centre, Spinningfields are some which have the best Manchester hotel deals, and are tourist-friendly. 

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Manchester Tourist Information:

Top tourist attractions in Manchester:

Here is a list of some of the amazing attractions to see and interesting things to do in Manchester. 

  • Castlefield in Manchester which is also called the Urban Heritage Park is an awesome place to start exploring Manchester in its grandeur. One can walk around here and see houses with Victorian architecture, canals, and also some really cool shops in the vicinity. 
  • Chinatown area of Manchester is among the largest areas in the UK to showcase the heritage of Chinese communities vibrantly. The place has got restaurants and shops where one can spend hours exploring around.
  • One of the most popular Manchester attractions is the Old Trafford Stadium which is the home ground of the famous football club Manchester United FC. This stadium is the largest of its kind in the country. It also goes by the nickname ‘The Theatre of Dreams’ and has a capacity of about 75 thousand people in the stands.

Top food places in Manchester:

The food scene in and around Manchester is thriving in the truest sense. The following are some places in Manchester that are known to serve an amazing food experience to diners.

  • Double Zero is among the many popular pizzerias of the city which serves the best pizzas around. One of the things that visitors love about this place is that one can bring their own alcohol inside the restaurant.
  • Three Little Worlds is a good dine and drink venue of the city which is sometimes referred to as the only distillery bar and restaurant of Manchester. This place serves some of the most amazing cocktails, finest beer, and wine, along with sumptuous food all through the day.  
  • To get a good experience of afternoon tea with a casual brunch in a cosy setting one can visit a place like The Pavilion Cafe. This place serves a wide range of drinks and great home-cooked meals.

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