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Maoming Kalton International Hotel (High-speed Railway Station)
4.8/51213 Reviews

Maoming Kalton International Hotel (High-speed Railway Station)

Maoming Railway Station And People's Square Maoming|2.67km from city centre

Latest booking 9 hrs ago

Okay: 1. I called the hotel in advance to ask about the situation, and the answer was very sincere and frank. Combined with the situation seen on the Internet, it is a very real and objective introduction. The call before arrival is a good invisible experience; 2. After entering the room, I really arranged the required room and room type according to the requested content. It was very good, and I also provided children's toothbrushes and sweets for my children when I checked in. It was really not easy to do this at this price. The attitude of the sister paper with the flower is also great. I don’t know what it’s called if I don’t see the famous brand. It’s a pity; 3. The room decoration is new, and it is very cost-effective around Maoming; the room also sent a small fruit plate, very careful 4. The room was specially selected for the railway side to let the children see the train enough, and you can also see Maoming petrochemicals. It is spectacular. The double layer of glass is very thick. The hardware is very powerful. The theoretical sound insulation is very good. But if you open a little window, you will still hear the train rumbling. run Come and run, especially at night, there are really many cargo trains, after all, Damaoming is a railway hub haha; 5. The breakfast is very good, the variety is beyond the price, beyond the expectation, the wife and children are satisfied; 6, when I left, I also gave the brush and picture book children, leaving a good impression and good thoughts; Bad: a. The public area is generally clean, it is strange why the aromatherapy should spray at the elevator entrance to people, is it afraid that we are too stinky haha? b. The door of the room was actually open. Fortunately, there were floor employees in the corridor. I asked clearly before I went in. The TV wall was very careful to put the map of Maoming City, but it was upside down and posted backwards. . . Unfortunately. . . Unfortunately, such a good design. . . c. The bed is soft, I feel a little too soft to sleep, not too comfortable; Summary: Such an affordable price is also sent here and there, really hard, but as an industry, I still hope that the hotel can do more long-term and effective practices, um.

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Guangdong Petroleum and Chemical Industry College

City Comfort Inn (Maoming Xuefu)
4.2/5120 Reviews

City Comfort Inn (Maoming Xuefu)

Maoming|0.32km from Guangdong Petroleum and Chemical Industry College

Latest booking 8 hrs ago

City Convenience Evaluation: The suggestion of staying at the city convenience hotel this time is purely personal advice. First, the bathroom has shampoo and shower gel. But there is no other shelf for the guests to put things. (For example, some guests bring their own shampoo, conditioner, shower gel?) Second, the toilet problem, the shelf of the paper towel is actually installed behind the toilet, has the designer used it himself? Very inconvenient, but also turn around to dry the paper towel! Third, the mirror in the toilet is recommended to add a retractable mirror. The female guest is myopia, and you can't see anything when you take off your glasses. The mirror is far away. Embarrassed [breaking tears for laughter] Fourth, the table is not enough, the desk is used to put the computer office (there are also guests who do not have a computer, do not need to work), there is a table next to the full-length mirror, but where should the guest's carry-on bag be put? The location next to the bedside table is a bit wasteful, it is recommended that the bedside table can be extended to the wall. Fifth, the lock of the door, it is recommended that the technician check the power problem regularly every day, so as not to suddenly the room lock is out of power. Sixth, bath towels and disposable slippers are not packaged. This problem is entangled with hygiene and environmental protection. Seventh, the hotel does not have floor towels. If customers wear disposable slippers to enter the bathroom, the floor is wet and will inevitably slip, is the hotel's responsibility too big? The cleaning lady and the aunt in the restaurant are very good. Note: The hotel's departure time is 12:00 noon the next day, and the timeout is 30 yuan an hour. Another way is to use breakfast at the hotel, which can be delayed until 14:00 pm. Each breakfast fee is 12 yuan/time.

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Maoming Mingxuan Hotel (Maoming High-speed Railway Station Nanyue Wenchuang Street Branch)
4.3/5155 Reviews
Maoming Railway Station And People's Square
The room is large, the lighting is bright, the Wi-Fi is good, the equipment is advanced, the warm service, the supporting comfort~ 2 self-service washing machines, the scan code charger is provided, the hotel facilities are very new, the room is hygienic, the facilities are in good use, the quality of toiletries is good, the door lock is safe, it is recommended!
Vienna International Hotel Maoming Dianbai Wanda Plaza
4.8/5682 Reviews
Shuidong Town
Very good, there is free laundry service. The environment is quiet, the room is large, and the parking space is enough. Breakfast is good, anyway, I will live here every time I come, I recommend it 🌹
Home Inn neo (Maoming High-speed Railway Station)
4.5/5264 Reviews
Maoming Railway Station And People's Square
The room is clean and clean, the facilities are new, there is a large laundry room on the fifth floor is very comfortable, the equipment is very complete, the lobby is very distinctive, it is a good place to take pictures and punch in. Service: Very good, very intimate, very time-consuming. Environment: Convenient travel, close to the train station, surrounded by pedestrian streets, food streets, night markets, a little farther, and bar streets. There is also a park opposite People's Square
CASE Hotel
4.6/569 Reviews
Very clean, tidy and comfortable, casual sofa 🛋️. It was very good to stay for a few days, the space is oversized, and I will stay again in the future. The Christmas tree on the first floor 🎄 is very beautiful, so there is a sense of atmosphere and ritual.
Asidun Chain Hotel Maoming Diancheng
3.4/554 Reviews
Diancheng Town
Although there are shortcomings, the boss's enthusiasm and dedication are also worth five-star praise. Electric City is a place worth visiting.
Xiya boutique hotel (store of guangdong university of petrochemical technology)
4/5191 Reviews
It feels very good, the air conditioner is good, it is very comfortable to watch TV in bed all day, the sound insulation is not very good, the next door is quite noisy, this is not good, the shampoo does not seem to work, the hair washed is not very easy to use! I hope to use it better next time.

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