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Super OYO 90457 Anara Residence & Guest House
3.7/53 Reviews
This hotel is right next to the main road. The soundproofing of the room is not good, so it is messy. The sheets on the bed have bugs and the walls are dirty. The only advantage is that it is convenient to go out close to the main road. There are convenience stores around.
Super OYO Capital O 3476 Millenium Inn
4.6/52 Reviews
Bagus, mau cari hotel murah kesini aja..... Mantap..........
Cordela Inn Millennium Medan
4.1/532 Reviews
Clean Room, Easy access, Excellent Service, comfortable, nice experience...good job..Like this Hotel Next Trip stay in Hotel I hope next get me other greatfully experience for Working Vacation or Family Trip.
Super OYO 621 Vania Residence
3.5/54 Reviews
Bad, bad, a very bad experience at this hotel. I even don’t know where to start. If you’re a foreigner, stay away from this miserable pathetic hotel. I made a reservation on tiket.com and came to check-in. No one at the reception speaks English. That’s problem 1. They had to get one of the housekeepers who spoke little English. I presented my reservation from tiket.con - and the receptionist refused that reservation because it way cheaper than the daily rate. I made another booking in Traveloka while in the lobby, and they rejected it also. The receptionist said they don’t use those websites and they will not honor anything from those websites. They said the only booking they will accept is from the Oyo App. So I downloaded the Oyo app and made a booking. Problem 2. Credit card: the receptionist did not know how to use the credit card machine. So she called her boss to instruct her how to use the credit card machine. This took 30 minutes. I had to show the receptionist how to operate the the card machine and it worked. Problem 3, deposit: they asked for 100K idr deposit which I didn’t plan for. Basically they said no deposit, no room. Problem 4: dirty bed sheets, problem 5: broken toilet, problem 6: stinky unchanged pillow cases. Problem 7: sink water was dirty and muddy. The whole process took 2-3 hours. It was pain in the butt. Bad bad experience. Avoid this place. At the checkout they tried to keep my deposit because they said I left blood stains on the blanket. Luckily I had photos at check-in of the stains and I showed them that the blood was there form the beginning.
De Paris Hotel
3.6/519 Reviews
Staff there no has Greetings and hospitality attitude except security, security so nice, room good and clean but so noise, maybe due position hotel at center city. hot water turn off, and Water so Little one day before i am check out. As a traveler from outside other city (i am from bali and here for Christmas) rent motorcycle as our transportation so best and cheapest, the parking area no safety. Because our rent motorcycle is moving from last night, and our helmet lost, with out that we are so struggle to moved the other place, like you know without helmet police will stop me. I am report this situation to staff parking, But there no apologies or other say sorry for this situation from the staff in charge or management, they just say ” Helm anda hilang bukan tanggung jawab kami ( your helmet lost is not our responsibility )”. We are stay 3 nights like strangers with out staff greetings or hospitality and the last night we are lost our helm and there are no solution and one more there no extra tissue ( face or toilet tissue ), coffee and tea sugar, mineral water ( amenities ) from the first day and when make up room they not changed it, we must say to reception just for this, as a hospitality industry we know room and service is the base product. I know this is new hotels, but without service guests don't want to come back again. Thank you And best regards.
OYO 283 Helvetia Residence
5/51 Reviews

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