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Huitang Yiqi Bieyuan Hot Spring Holiday Villa
4.9/5100 Reviews
The location of the apartment is very good, free parking on the first floor, restaurants and small supermarkets downstairs are very convenient, the key is the lake view room, the balcony scenery is beautiful. The room I stayed in this time is three bedrooms and one living room. The living room is large, with direct drinking water, kitchen balcony, washing machine, etc. The decoration is warm, new and clean, and the experience of staying is very good; it is recommended. great!
Huitang Hot Spring Resort
4.5/5207 Reviews
This is my fourth time to Huitang Occupational Therapy Hot Spring Hotel, because the first impression is very good, the waiters are very enthusiastic and patient, what I value most is the sanitary environment, the room is very comfortable and cozy, the bed is very comfortable, the children sleep well at night, the children and my family love to take a hot spring bath, sleep well and have fun is a quality and enjoyable weekend. By the way, the breakfast here is the most abundant hotel I have ever stayed in.
4.5/510 Reviews
There is such a place in the core location of Ningxiang Huitang Hot Spring, which is really beyond my imagination. I made an appointment with a few friends to come here to clear my heart, quiet in the middle of noisy, paradise, much better than the five-star hotel I used to live in, great. 1-The location is very good, just get off the highway. 2-The environment is very good, one villa and one courtyard, independent space, very well decorated, and feels like home. great. 3-Completely let go of nature, quiet space, out of the hustle and bustle of the city hotel. 4-View the lake by the railing, make tea in the stove, listen to the wind and enjoy the flowers. 5-The hot spring pool is also very large. Like like like. In short, my point is: This is life, this is the beauty we seek.
4.5/51 Reviews
The traffic is very convenient, the most important thing is that the landlord is very good to talk, the people are super good, come back next time. Health is also very clean
Ningxiang Shande Hall Inn
4.6/57 Reviews
The cabin is not very good to live in. It is close to the swimming pool and barbecue. It is noisy at night. The barbecue will be late. The children can't sleep at 12 o'clock in the evening, and they can't open the windows because smoke will come in. It is recommended that the store set the barbecue time, otherwise it would be better to live in a normal room.
Huitang Town Yiquan Yiyuan Hot Spring Homestay
0/50 Reviews
Great house and great landlord! The room is comfortable and tidy, and the bedding is not worse than the hotel. The pool chess and card room KTV is fully equipped, and you can soak in the hot springs and barbecue at night. The house is very close to the Dongguan Mountain Peach Blossom Festival attractions and parking is very convenient. Very pleasant stay experience!

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