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Oakland Marriott City Center
4.5/5126 Reviews

Oakland Marriott City Center

Oakland|0.37km from Oaklandish
I was extremely disappointed with my recent stay. I spoke w/ the front desk manager & with many other staff during my stay at this location. This turned what was supposed to be an exciting, exploratory visit to Oakland for house hunting, into a bit of a drag and disappointment. I have outlined some of my feedback below as I think this should be addressed on a larger level so that others do not have the same experience as us. First, I am FUMING irritated by how I was treated by the valet at this hotel. It happened twice in the same evening, with the same person. He was rude, talked down to me about how to speak to the valet staff about how I need my car to be parked, and had extreme attitude, after making me move my own car several times because he was overwhelmed. This is unacceptable. I have driven cars in hundreds of hotels both in and out of the U.S. and I am not about to be talked down to by a valet attendant. The hotel itself. This hotel needs help. The bathroom is dirty and broken down. We had a tile loose above our bed that made us nervous to sleep and the floors were pretty gross in the bathroom. It was an extremely warm weekend in Oakland and our room was so warm and the AC was not working properly. We had to call and have a fan brought to our room because we couldn’t sleep. Also we had a lot of issues with the television not working on the internet. So had major limitations on working Netflix etc. The hotel service. We needed plates and silverware for take out one night. We had been out house hunting until later in the evening and we called for plates/silverware. I took nearly an hour to get these items to our room and we had to call more than once. We also requested our room to be serviced on Saturday (we called earlier in the morning to double check they would be coming). We had a stain on our sheets we wanted changed. We arrived back at the hotel later around 9pm after another day of house hunting to find our room completely untouched and unchanged. It was so frustrating because we were exhausted. This time I decided to speak to the manager on duty (who was friendly and understanding) but again had to call more than once because of the delays. Our room did not end up fully changed until 11pm. We stayed in Oakland because we are relocating back to the Bay Area and wanted to check out the East Bay and in particular Oakland, Rockridge and the Oakland hills. This is nowhere near the welcome we expected and was a major turn off to Oakland. Ya’ll need to get it together.

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Homewood Suites by Hilton - Oakland Waterfront
3.8/582 Reviews
Booked in a two-bedroom apartment suite, there are two rooms, each with a double bed and bathroom, a kitchen and living room in the middle, a microwave oven with a microwave oven, and a cup, plate and dishware. Very suitable for family living. There is a big bird on the tree outside the small balcony. There are many yachts in the small bay. Walking along the front road to the right, there is a German restaurant, German sausage and beer taste really good. The hotel's free breakfast is OK. Three kinds of sausages are eaten a day. One day there are bacon patties sausages, milk cereals, homemade waffles, and several kinds of bread jams. Originally, I wanted to live in San Francisco, but I said that the roads in the city are relatively ups and downs, the one-way line is complicated, and the parking cost is high. So I live in Auckland. It is convenient to drive the Auckland Bridge to San Francisco for two consecutive days. I found a Guilin rice noodle shop nearby in the evening, and it tastes so good! ! !
Jack London Inn
2.8/5104 Reviews
The pros: Inexpensive Decent location Room has decent amenities The cons: Nonchalant service Smells like **** Limited breakfast options Lots of yelling Near the train No HVAC As mentioned above, this inn is a great location, with a great price, and you can tell they're trying. They had a fridge, a microwave, and a decently-sized TV in the room. More than I expected for $80~ish a night. The receptionists were what'd you expect at this price point, and the staff were mostly positive. Their breakfast options were also fairly limited, but if you were really hungry, it would do the job. While the HVAC system was broken, they did offer an extra portable heater that did the job. Unfortunately some things that they can't control really make the inn far worse than it tries to be. The behavior of their guests, their proximity to the train tracks, and the people yelling outside the hotel really affect the way guests experience the inn. Other guests were smoking **** that could be smelled all the way down the hall and in other rooms, and they were piling up so much trash they just started to leave it by their doors in the hallway. This is in addition to the fact that they were yelling and screaming, and the doors did little to muffle the sound. The yelling continued through midnight and kept waking me up throughout the night. This yelling came both from guests in the hallway and from people walking on the streets. I could also see how the room had been worn down by prior guests, with dents in the lampshade, stains on the carpet, and even though I could tell the cleaning staff put effort in the bathroom (towel folded into swan, etc), the light was malfunctioning. Thankfully, it didn't bother me much, but for those who aren't used to ”roughing it,” this might not be the place for you.
Best Western Plus Bayside Hotel
4.4/5118 Reviews
I have been staying at this location since I first started visiting the Bay area about a year ago. I feel in love with the location right on the water a few minutes walk from Starbucks and other venues, Such a romantic locale. Comfortable, luxuriously so. The staff are always helpful and take care all my needs and check on my comfort every single day! The breakfasts always include fresh fruits, eggs and you can make your own waffles, I love the coffee it always tends to add that extra point to my stay! Above all I feel like I'm coming home to family when i return here and I will be return for a long time simply because I feel welcomed here.
Kissel Uptown Oakland, in the Unbound Collection
4.4/589 Reviews
Overall is good
Signature Inn Oakland
4/5104 Reviews
Wound up here for an unexpected multi-week stay while my landlord had work done at my house, and it was really lovely. The rooms are modern, bright, clean, and cozy, with fun design details. The location is great - near cute shops and tasty spots to grab coffee, meals, or snacks (or sit & eat in non-covid times) or take meandering walks through beautiful neighborhoods in the Oakland hills- safe to walk even past sundown! The rooms & parking lot feel safe - they open to an interior area secured from the street by a locked gate. The family who manages the property is accommodating and kind. The only downside for me was how much more expensive this was than my normal monthly rent - and the fact that it was an unplanned expense. Pricey for me, but a good value for hotels in the area. In all, don't think I could have found a better place to stay!
3.5/5102 Reviews
I was in town for 2 day mosaic class less than a mile from the Motel 6. I travel with my dog so the location and dog policy were great. It is right on the Estuary across from the Coast Guard Station. My room faced the water. (#143) and I had fantastic sunsets every day. If you have not stayed in a Motel 6 before, come prepared. You need shampoo and a coffee pot. My room looked newly renovated. Staff was fantastic!

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