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Searching for hotels near Beiya Fruit Dried Fruit Wholesale Store (Zhenxing Street)? Compare room rates and reviews to find your ideal stay.
Qianbaidu Hotel (Zhishi No.1 Middle School)
4.7/51 Reviews
Good service, cost-effective, clean
4.9/5325 Reviews
The room is clean and tidy, the overall environment is relatively convenient, eating is more convenient, the service attitude is better, if you travel on business, the stay will be very warm and comfortable, the price is more suitable, it is worth a visit
Xingshi Xinda Hotel
4.9/56 Reviews
The environment is clean and tidy, quite good
4.7/51 Reviews
The room is clean and beautiful, and the personal feeling is very good.
Zoushi Haichengxuan Hotel
4.6/572 Reviews
very satisfied. I need to stay for another night at work. I still choose Haichengxuan to take a comfortable bath. Sleep quietly, clean, hygienic, breakfast is not bad, thank the service staff for their patience and meticulous care. . Looking forward to staying again next time
Jinxing Hostel
4.1/541 Reviews
The service attitude is particularly good, the luggage is heavy, and the luggage that the younger sister and brother downstairs helped to take. Then a bottle of mineral water before leaving was given to me directly. Thanks, I wish business is booming!

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