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W San Francisco
4.3/5135 Reviews

W San Francisco

South of Market (SOMA) San Francisco|0.7km from Union Square
I used to be a frequent guest at the W SF back when it was Starwood but had not visited since Marriott took over the W Brand. I did try and stay last year but before arriving I read that the restaurant was closed and I asked the hotel what they were doing as an alternative, but they had absolutely nothing for Platinum Breakfast (other than 1k points per stay which is a HUGE downgrade), so I opted for another hotel. I had high expectations for this stay as I had previously loved this hotel, but as a frequent traveler in Marriott brands and having one of their Highest Elite traveler statuses (and staying at W Brands lately), I knew service levels were still suffering post pandemic. Unfortunately, it started low right from the beginning. I had confirmed a Studio Suite in advance. When I arrived, I was given a corner room that almost seemed smaller than standard rooms (Room 2109). I inquired about upgrades to larger rooms, and I was told no, because it was a busy weekend, and nothing would be available. I checked on the app and saw that every room type was available for the length of my stay and beyond. I was basically DOWNGRADED. Once settling into the room, then I realized the major issues. Smaller rooms should be easier to clean, right? Well, this one not only had carpet stains, but I quickly found out that the ”Marriott Commitment to Clean” was actually a Commitment to Ignore. Not only were their stains on the carpet and dust and dirt in the windowsills, I found a previous guest's room keys sitting on the counter. Obviously, the room was just ”re-set” and not inspected or cleaned at all. I guess the promised sanitizing was out of the question. We then went to get some ice and noticed that the ice bucket was half filled with standing water. It was disgusting! Thats not the worst part, I then found a pair of women's ”play-style” lingerie slightly soiled sitting on the floor by the sofa. I mentioned the cleanliness issues to the Front Desk, but the representative simply stared at me and then asked if there was anything else I needed? I should have been a bit more insistent that they take it down, but I was so shocked I did not. The room setup, although smaller than what I wanted and pre-confirmed, was also not great. There is no storage at all other than the closet. There are no drawers at all or other places to keep clothes or anything else. If you have two suitcases, you are going to have to keep them out as there is no place to put them in the closet. Other than the Front Desk and Room Condition, we had a nice stay, although the Room is really what we paid for. The rest of the staff we interacted with were friendly and helpful. The breakfast staff were great, and the food was amazing! Kudos for them for sure! Actually, the only place I was every recognized or thanked for being a Marriott Elite was from the hostess at Breakfast. The bellhop was also quite nice and helpful when we checked-out and needed to store lugga

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Hotel Union Square San Francisco
3.7/51 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
My parents and I enjoyed our stay at HUS. The staff were enthusiastic and helpful. They have an option where they can send you text messages to check up on you. The room was clean and organized. I would agree with other reviews that there was a slight smell to the room, probably because the building is so old. Nonetheless, the hotel was a good value for the money and the location was great! We bought the parking package online that included valet parking, which helped save us 50% of the parking costs. When parking, there are a few curbside spaces right in front of the hotel off of Powell St. We didn't know if we could drive onto Powell St., since the public transit rail goes right through the street, but yes, we are allowed to drive onto that street. Also, the hotel stay required us a $100 deposit that gets refunded when we finish our stay without causing damage.
JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square
4.1/5107 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
Arrived early in the morning and found out the room was not ready. The front desk checked me in first and kept my luggage while I roam around. Stayed on the 18th floor. Allowed me to extend as I had a late evening flight. The bell hop was very helpful to keep my luggage after I checked out and went around to roam before coming back to pick up my luggage and depart for my late evening flight. Quiet hotel.
Hotel Ikon
3.3/586 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
My room and furnishings were acceptable for my four day business stay. The room door has large gaps around it, though. This permits all hallway noise to be heard in the room. Worse, it allows all the ********* smoke into the room. My coworker was two floors up from me and complainedbabout the same issue I had trouble sleeping because the ********* smoke was so thick in my room. I stuck a towel under the room door, where the biggest gap was, but I had nothing to block the gaps on the top or the sides of the door. Without the ********* smoke issue and some noise issues, I would recommend Hotel Icon to male travelers.
HI San Francisco Downtown Hostel
4.2/583 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
Second time I've stayed here and I'm sorry but I won't be going back. Can't fault the location, being near a cable car line and two BART subway stations, but (sigh) the private room we had here was a dingy, over priced hole. Staff on reception were also noticeably uninterested in our welfare. There was a nice reception lady who helped me with a tour booking. But the guys who booked us in, and booked us out, couldn't have been less interested. Put it like this: had the guy who booked us out asked, 'Hi, how was your stay ? How did you find your room?' (and he didn't ask this - or make any other comment) I would have replied, 'our flight to SF took 11 hours, and we then had to endure over two hours getting through US border security, while jetlagged, then a 30 minute ride on BART, then walked through the Tenderloin in the dark to get to the hostel. After all that it might have nice for your reception staff to at least ask, out of courtesy, how was our journey? Had we travelled far? Etc etc. The usual welcoming small talk. But no, this guy just wanted our IDs and my payment. No hello and welcome. Then there was the room with the bunkbed, the inward facing window and the faint but distinct odour of urine. Walls painted a ghastly shade of green. No air conditioning (when temps were 70-80F) and a small fan that didn't work from the start. The only window faced another window so you had to keep the curtains closed for privacy, which added to the dingy feeling. And for all this I paid over $1100 for seven nights. I know SF is expensive but I'd call that over priced.' Anyway, as I said, the guy who checked us out didn't ask how our stay was and so I didn't tell him any of this. Which is why I'm writing it here. I'm not expecting reception staff to form lasting relationships with customers. There's a high churn rate of faces here, as there are at most hotels and hostels. But I do expect 'hello' 'goodbye' and a room that doesn't smell of urine.
Holiday Inn Express San Francisco Union Square
4.1/5111 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
I don’t know how, but people who work on the front desk either don’t communicate between each other or don’t speak good english. I accidentaly left a jacket in the hotel and noticed it the day after checking out. I immediately contacted the hotel and when they told me they found it, I arranged the postal service to pick it up and send it to me (even though I still don’t understand why I had to arrange everything instead of the hotel sending it to me). I had some trouble with the postal service so I figured out it would be easier if my friend that just arrived to SF picked it up for me. So they called the hotel, quite a few times. Every time the front desk would give a different response (first, that they have the jacket, then that they don’t, then that they DON’T KNOW if they have it….) and then the last: we have it, you can come pick it up. My friend came the next day and got yelled at, that they don’t have the jacket and how SHE DARES COMMING a month after I checked out. I have to mention that I tried e-mailing the hotel a few times, but it seems that they don’t check the only e-mail adress they have. Since it seems that I have to give up my brand new jacket (I live in Europe and I don’t know if I will ever be back there), this is the only thing I could’ve done. The hotel itself is okay, rooms and beds are just fine.
Herbert Hotel
3.5/5102 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
I love the Herbert Hotel. It's clean, simple rooms are welcoming and comfortable. Situated in the centre of Union Square, it is convenient to restaurants, theatres, stores, the cable car and the railway station. I can't wait for my next visit to San Francisco!

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San Francisco Travel Guide

Book your hotel on Trip.com for an amazing travel experience. Planning a trip to San Francisco? San Francisco is a city with tons of tourist attractions. You'll never want to leave! You can stay 3-5 days at hotels in San Francisco without running out of things to do.

San Francisco International Airport is the primary airport in San Francisco. It's easy to reach San Francisco. The city can be reached by plane, train, and car.

There are 269 hotels in San Francisco on Trip.com, including luxury, boutique, and budget hotels. As a popular tourist city, San Francisco has many renowned chain hotels. Howard Johnson is the top choice of many travelers in San Francisco. If the comfort level of your trip is important, there are many choices in San Francisco, such as hotels under the Howard Johnson brand. Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco in San Francisco is a favorite among Trip.com users. Hotel Zelos San Francisco is also one of the most frequently chosen hotels.

If you stay at a hotel in downtown San Francisco, nearby attractions like Hayes Valley, San Francisco Federal Building, San Francisco City Hall can be your first stop. If you want to spend a fun vacation with your family, locals recommend visiting Redwood Shores, San Francisco Bay, Big Sur. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown San Francisco, Union Square. Upon departure, you can head to popular commercial areas like Napa Premium Outlets, HYATT House Belmont/Redwood Shores, San Francisco Premium Outlets to buy souvenirs or travel accessories.

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• Spring: 48.515747 cm

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• Winter: 35.55118 cm

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