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Ibis Strasbourg Centre Gare
3.9/559 Reviews
Conveniently located across the train station, this hotel was a great base to explore Strasbourg and Colmar during Christmas. Check-in was super quick, and the front desk staff was very attentive and answered any questions we had. COVID-19 protocols were strict, which was very positive. The room was a standard IBIS room, so nothing spectacular to write about, but still served its purpose and didn’t come with any surprises. Check-out was again fast, and walking across the street to get on our train for our next destination was priceless.
Ibis Strasbourg Centre Historique
3.9/547 Reviews
Tu-W, July 12-13, ~9 pm check-in. Horrible girl at desk—tall and thin with light brown hair and almond eyes. As the lone desk attendant, she ignored us while she finished writing something without acknowledging us. Then when she finally bothered to look up, she was very sour and acted like we were wasting her time. As she presented the credit card reader, she said to insert the card as I reflexively tried to tap it on the contactless icon as at nearly every other establishment. She repeated, “INSÉRER la carte,” like I was a jerk. After staying at 30 hotels during an extended tour of France, Italy, and Switzerland, it was definitely the rudest reception we’d ever gotten. Every other place was much more accommodating. She made me want to leave our room in a mess, though we did not. The breakfast attendant was also somewhat militant about checking room numbers and made people uncomfortable for being in the buffet line. Though it’s a good location, I’d recommend another place for better hospitality.
Kyriad Direct Strasbourg Ouest - Zénith
3.4/536 Reviews
Only positive point of this hotel: a very friendly welcome both day and night. Otherwise: Old-fashioned rooms, without double glazing although located against a ring road. Avoid rooms ending in 13 to 17. The electronic lock of my room not working, despite a report made, was never repaired. It was necessary that each time the person of the reception comes to open me with his key. Practical… Some pillows and mattresses are completely smashed. The condition of the furniture is obviously not a priority. Colleagues had cockroaches in their rooms, some had immense difficulty switching from ”tap” mode to ”shower” mode via the selector that had to be lifted. There was even a room with the impossibility of switching to shower mode. Not very nice when you come back from a huge day of work at midnight. My toilets were dirty (see photo) and the toilet seat clip was broken. As for the breakfast, it is minimalist and of fairly average quality. I was lucky to have baguettes the first morning, then only tiny thawed rolls the next two (at 8am). Only one choice of tea: low-end yellow Lipton. Finally, it is unpleasant to be woken up early in the morning by the team of gardeners forcefully using their noisy tools such as hedge trimmers, blowers and other mowers.
Strasbourg - Centre
4/5104 Reviews
We arrived at the hotel midday on the 28th of December, checked in a bit late (I was told the room was not ready). Was not annoyed at all though, the receptionists were really friendly and chatty. They helped us through with anything we asked for, cannot complain about anything. The room was a bit ”isolated” from the other rooms which was a nice bonus! Closed garage just next to the hotel for a reasonable price was also a bonus. If there would be something for me to suggest that could get improved, that would be the wifi signal in the room. I guess that was due to the fact that it was a bit isolated, perhaps an extra access point would make the job perfect. Still, I browsed the internet just fine, had to move a bit from the bed to the desk. Location-wise, it's only 15' walk from the historical town center and a 10' minute walk from a mall. Thank you all over there, looking forward to seeing you again if I show up again soon!
Hôtel le Grillon
4/558 Reviews
Where to begin. My minuscule room on the second floor. I smelled less sewage in the Paris metro. The room stinks so bad. There was no air-conditioning or any type of ventilation. And if you open the window all you could hear was noise at three in the morning from the bar that is downstairs. But you can’t complain about the bar because the family that runs the hotel runs the bar. Avoid this place at all costs. Now they did comp my room and move me to a lovely room in the courtyard and that was fine but these rooms over the bars should not even be allowed to be given to people. When I did complain they said they know it’s a problem but nobody’s doing anything to solve it so just beware. So the first night when I was in the tiny room that stunk like sewage I had to open the window but I couldn’t sleep because of the bar noise. So let me tell you about the lovely gentleman at reception. After the bar close he had a couple of girls that were hanging out in front of the hotel talking so loudly and drinking. I was sitting by the window because it was fresh air he literally pissed in the street. I am here to tell you just avoid this place. It could be so charming but it’s not. Now if you can get one of the big rooms in the courtyard I thought it was lovely. But it’s not worth risking. If you get a room over the street Run. Breakfast was also not very good. Really this is like a one star hotel. Buyer beware.
Hotel les Haras
4.5/568 Reviews
I stayed at Hotel les Haras for 3 nights and had a lovely stay. It is across the river just a few blocks from Petite France and the old town. It is a 15 mins. walk from the train station. So everything is close, but you are just outside the centre so it feels really quiet and peaceful. It is near the teaching hospital and the cave historique des hospices de strasbourg (old wine cellar) is worth popping by and is very close. There are also several excellent and affordable restaurants within steps of the hotel - less touristy than the ones near the cathedral. I chose this hotel because hotel guests have access to the spa area/pool for 1 hour daily and this was a highlight of my stay. You do have to reserve a time slot, but I would usually book it on the same day and whatever time I wanted was available. Sometimes I had the facilities to myself, and at maximum there were 3 other people there. The swimming pool is heated and beautifully designed. It is peaceful but big enough you can actually swim some laps. There is also a Finnish sauna, steam room, showers, and one of those buckets where you pull the cord and it dumps cold water on you. Then there is a relaxation area with chairs, loungers, blankets and tea. Just blissful!! If you want to stay over 1 hour, it is 25 euros but I also did not feel they were strict and timing your stay to the minute. I did not use the gym but took a peek and it is small without any mirrors, but has some basic equipment if you need (cardio machines, free weights). They let me borrow the pilates mat as I prefer to workout in my room so that I can use videos from my laptop. When I checked in, I was shocked to see my room was not cleaned and was a mess from the previous guest. I was surprised at the oversight. I would also say the woman who checked me in was not particularly warm. She just gave me my key and did not make any small talk whatsoever (e.g. asking where I came from/how the flight was etc). So my first impression was not the best. But there was a staff member in the hallway, so I told them my room was not ready and she quickly fixed the situation. At first, she said I can wait and they will clean it. But I was annoyed as I had been traveling almost 24 hours (flight to CDG then taxi to train station then train then 15 mins walk in the heat) and just wanted to rest and shower. Plus, it was after 3pm which is the designated check-in time. It's not like I arrived early. Thankfully, they found me another room and immediately took me there and were apologetic. I did not require much assistance from the concierge as I already had things planned out. I did not eat their breakfast, as I preferred to go to different cafes nearby to try their baked goods and coffee. I did enjoy sitting in the courtyard and reading. Front desk staff (a kind man, didn't get his name) were helpful when I needed to borrow a universal adapter. The room itself (the basic queen room) was near perfect. Everything you need and would expect

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