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Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza Wuhan
4.6/54639 Reviews

Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza Wuhan

Jianghan Road/Hanzheng Road Wuhan|1.72km from Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street
It's great to come here. The hotel faces west and is located on the Yanjiang Avenue in Hankou. Across the road from the hotel entrance is the river beach. There are ferries that can take you to the two rivers at night. Not far from the hotel to the west is Jianghan Pass, where there are museums, supermarkets, and the famous Bagong's house. The interior of the hotel is very clean, and there is gurgling water in the lobby. The room layout is reasonable, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, where you can comfortably cuddle up on the sofa and watch the sunset, the traffic and the rolling river. And the round ball design on the top of the hotel is a highlight. No matter how far I wander at night, I can find the flashing ball just by looking at it. The hotel has complete facilities, including bars, coffee shops, and tea rooms. There is a revolving restaurant on the 41st floor on the top, where you can have a leisurely dinner and watch the changing scenery of the river and the passing clouds outside the window. The little girls and handsome guys at the front desk provide good service and look good when they smile. The receptionist at the door was also meticulous in his work on a hot day and answered all questions. The sisters who do the cleaning on the floor are very conscientious and responsible. When we return to the hotel after playing every day, the room is neat and clean.

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Daiding Chain Hotel (Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, Xunlimen Metro Station)
4.6/5361 Reviews
Jianghan Road/Hanzheng Road
4.4/546 Reviews
Jianghan Road/Hanzheng Road
Room highlights [fireworks] The room is spacious, transparent and bright, and the decoration is clean and tidy! Check-in experience 👏🏻 The bed is very soft and the bedding is good! fully equipped! It is also very quiet at night. Around the play 👒 Downstairs is the pedestrian street, water tower food street, night market! Wuhan's characteristic landmark building. It is very convenient to punch in Wuhan attractions!
Juvenile utopia
4.9/560 Reviews
Jianghan Road/Hanzheng Road
I highly recommend this hostel! I stayed for one day and it was a great experience. First of all, the staff were very friendly and helpful. They always provided good advice whether it was asking about the surrounding attractions or recommending nearby restaurants. Secondly, the facilities of the hostel are very clean and tidy. The beds are comfortable and the rooms are spacious and bright. Moreover, there are cats and cats, and you can also take photos with your husband! ! ! Most importantly, the location of this hostel is very convenient, close to public transport stations and many attractions. I can easily walk or take public transport to various places, saving a lot of time and trouble.
Yijian Girls Youth Hostel (Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street)
4.8/511 Reviews
Jianghan Road/Hanzheng Road
This is definitely the best girl youth travel I have ever stayed in! ! ! Handmade + Secondary Yuan + Youth Hostel collection can also go to rua cats. The boss and the boss's friends are very good. They distribute snacks as soon as they meet. I know that I want to go to the Valley store and I will really accompany me the next second. I also invited me to eat fried dough sticks. Who dares to believe it! ! ! The last time I stayed in the Youth Hostel, I felt that the boss was very serious about treating every customer as a friend. He also made a lot of small handicrafts for us for free. Come on, this kind of store must not close down. The sheets are changed for each guest (the boss is happy because the sheets are washed every day hahahaha) provides compressed towels, toiletries and even skin care products, as well as free small rubber band jumping sugar, various secondary elements, no materials~ The location is particularly good. The surrounding area is all delicious. It is a five-minute walk. The grain shop has all kinds of milk tea. I have it for the first time. I will come back to Wuhan for this youth hostel! ! ! The store that really treats people must be opened. 50% of the happiness in Wuhan is given to me by the youth hostel. It will never be forgotten. See you in the future ah ah ah ah ah ah
Wuhan Three Bear Youth Hostel (Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street)
4.8/541 Reviews
Jianghan Road/Hanzheng Road
This time I came to Wuhan to play better near Jianghan Road. I accidentally chose this one. I fell in love with the first experience. I highly recommend the accommodation experience. It is very good. I live in a quadruple room for girls. The young ladies in the same bedroom are very qualified and very good. Come, chat together very happy, Everyone will also turn off the lights at night, very friendly. Secondly, you can wash clothes, dry clothes, all toiletries, as well as disposable slippers, shower gel, shampoo, laundry detergent, what you can think of, here, and cute kittens can be ~ location and service: the location is very good, there is Xunlimen subway station next to it, take the subway, It took two minutes to walk. There is a food street shopping mall downstairs. There are many delicious attractions. It is really super convenient. I have been playing nearby for the past two days. The service is also in place. The boss is very good. Recommended for eating, drinking and playing around: there are fireworks alleys, water towers, food street, Lihuangbanna Road, Hankou River Beach, Baocheng Night Market, Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street downstairs, next to M+ shopping mall shopping, shopping attractions, super convenient. Downstairs there are Master Fu pastries, yogurt cans, cans of oil cakes, handmade dumplings, hot dry noodles, Wangji Niuzaiguan, after eating, go to the pedestrian street, you can also take a walk to Nanjing Road to see the old-fashioned buildings in various cities, and then go to Jiqing Street to eat night market and drink soup, feel the authentic old Wuhan characteristics. I really recommend everyone to come to this hostel to experience it and feel the special forces travel.
Yunshang Cinema Boutique Apartment (Wuhan Jianghan Road Subway Station)
4.6/5176 Reviews
Jianghan Road/Hanzheng Road
The place was big and it had everything, the toilet and the shower are together (which is normal in China but not very convenient). The place smelled like cigarettes but it’s because we didn’t choose a “non smoker” room so that’s on us, anyways the smell went away when we left the windows open. The locations is great near everything and close to the subway. It is a bit hard to find, just go inside the building and take the elevator to the 19th floor, it’s just a room in a building, it’s not a hotel. Good for a night or two :)

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