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Top rated hotels in Xingtai

Searching for hotels near Xingtaijiu Culture Museum? Compare room rates and reviews to find your ideal stay.
Xingzhou Hotel
4.7/5121 Reviews
Old star hotel, the location is better, but the environment is indeed slightly worse than the new hotel. But the business trip accommodation is still good, the transportation is convenient, the surrounding facilities are complete, and the whole is ok.
4.7/51 Reviews
Complete facilities, very comfortable to live, the room size is just right,
Xingtai Xishilai Hotel VIP Building
4.6/5185 Reviews
Good location, large room, bay window. There is a parking lot, suitable for self-driving tours. Very dissatisfied is that the bathroom has a serious anti-flavor. Decrease points. Feedback, I hope the reception service at the front desk will understand the layout of the room, and say that it will arrange 2 rooms next to each other. When you check in, this room is far away from the other door.
Chenguang Hotel
4/5246 Reviews
The famous star-rated hotel in Xingtai has a high, large and upscale image of various facilities. It is a year old and various facilities are a bit old, especially Block B and Block A.
4.3/53 Reviews
The facilities are old and dilapidated, especially the bathroom. The glass door handles in the shower room are bad. It is either not easy to open or not close. The shower head is basically bad. It is really a bit speechless after changing the room. The room has a sewer smell from time to time. The projection is basically unclear, I feel that the landlord is not very careful, the only good thing is that it is convenient to enter and exit, downstairs is the snack street, shopping and eating are very convenient, and the living experience is very poor! There should be no next time.
4.7/54 Reviews
The landlord’s service was very thoughtful. I knew that I was coming for the exam and gave me a desk lamp! That desk lamp helped me a lot, because I like to assault before the exam! There is free WiFi in the room, as well as air conditioning. The key is that it is particularly soundproof and super quiet. I didn’t use the earplugs I brought!

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