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CBD Shopping Center

Nice Homestay
4.7/55 Reviews

Nice Homestay

Gezhou Dam/West Dam Yichang|0.03km from CBD Shopping Center
Stayed for 3 nights and 2 nights without natural gas, the first night was better than 8 o’clock, and we didn’t come in the morning from the third night to the fourth day. We didn’t have a bath for all of us, and it rained when we came back, although the landlord said We went to the opposite community to wash, but it was inconvenient to bring a few children to drag things around in the rain. Although this is for objective reasons, the landlord cannot be blamed, but it is really a very bad experience. When talking about the room, I thought it was 3 rooms. In fact, there is a tatami in the living room. It is not a 3 room. Hygiene and personal feelings are not very clean. But I can see that the bedding is not pure cotton. There is no refrigerator. Wardrobe, there is only clothes rail in the room, no kitchen, simple table for some kitchen supplies, when we checked in, the balcony was covered with sheets and quilts. We had no place to hang our own clothes, and we had to help her put it away. The only thing worthy of praise It’s not bad that you can watch movies through projection, but the landlord’s response speed is a bit slow. I don’t know if it’s because I’m too busy. No one cleaned the room for 3 days, that is, you have to bring your own toiletries, bath towels, etc. in the room for 3 days. It depends on the individual, anyway, our door comes with it. The only thing I am most satisfied with is that the location is above the Dayang Department Store, which is very convenient for eating and shopping. Downstairs is the snack street. If classmates and friends come to live for one or two days, it is not recommended to bring family and children. The price is a little bit more expensive, and it is not the same level as Jingzhou's famous hotels. The same price is really much better there.

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Wanda Plaza

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Wanda Cinemas

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Sanxia University

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Dongchen Yipin Hotel (Three Gorges Airport)
4.7/5149 Reviews
very good. Very good value for money. The hotel is very new and has its own parking lot. Breakfast 7-9 point. OK, steamed buns. The price is very cheap. Suitable for parents and children. The room is big. Air conditioning is awesome The newly opened hotel is basically fine. Hygiene: Very good and clean. Recommended recommendation recommended recommendation recommended recommendation recommended recommendation recommended recommendation recommended recommendation
Gezhouba Hotel
4.5/5367 Reviews
Gezhou Dam/West Dam
The location of the hotel is easy to find. The lobby to the interior of the hotel room makes people feel very worthwhile. The details of the room are worthy of the words of a state-owned enterprise. From the name Gezhouba, it can also be seen that it is a high-standard hotel in the city before, and it is also very good now. High, the front desk staff are very good, serious and responsible, next time I come, I will still choose Gezhouba Hotel👍👍👍
5/535 Reviews
Facilities: Everything that should be there Hygiene: very good and clean Service: The proprietress is very enthusiastic, the airport can be picked up and dropped off very conveniently, her home is downstairs is a private kitchen, the taste is also very good, delicious 😋 The overall experience is very good
In The Valley
4.9/534 Reviews
It's really great. The moment you open the door, you feel like you have chosen the right place. It's my favorite style. From booking to check-in, the whole one-stop nanny-style service, intimate and warm, the landlord’s daughter is operating online, super enthusiastic and patient, any questions will be answered in seconds, and carefully tell us how to play and take pictures. How to take pictures to have an atmosphere. Sure enough, young people know the youngest. people? Hahahahahaha ~ According to the steps of the landlord sister, we also took pictures of the starry sky with our mobile phone! ! ! The night view on the mountain is not too beautiful! ! ! The homestay is also very quiet to sleep at night, the most important thing is that it is cool, and the air conditioner does not need to be turned on. Traveling is also super convenient. The homestay is only a few minutes drive from Bailihuang Scenic Area, and it is so close! ! ! The toiletries prepared in the room also smelled very good. In short, I felt that everything was just right for this trip. It was too important to have a good place to live. The whole person's mood was better. The first reservation was to say that the cooking here is delicious. I ordered hot pot and two stir-fried dishes with my friends. The taste is really great. The boss introduced that their meat is bought by nearby farmers when they kill pigs. They are very fresh, and the dishes are also grown by themselves. I would like to call it a treasure homestay in Bailihuang. Added to the collection list, yyds!!!
4.6/54 Reviews
Yichang Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area
We arrived very late, the boss is still waiting for us, the hotel environment is good, the hot water is very big, the proprietress is also very enthusiastic, also help us with luggage, and also tell us the guide of the Three Gorges Dam to play, I highly recommend going to her house!
Xingya Hotel
4.8/52 Reviews
Xiaoxita Commercial Circle
Complete facilities, clean and convenient transportation

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