Rice Cotton Manor | The suburban manor in Beijing where numerous magazine celebrities have checked in.

Hemp ropes as "clothing", straw as the roof A designer's radical transformation of a suburban Beijing guesthouse A popular photoshoot location for celebrities and magazines 📸 Brimming with design aesthetics, every snapshot is a masterpiece — 💐 Accommodation · Room The guesthouse consists of 10 courtyards 🏡 Each courtyard has its own unique charm ✨ Ensuring privacy, each room features a large and comfortable bed, and floor-to-ceiling windows 🪟 that offer views of the surrounding greenery 🍃 Here, you can enjoy a poetic and leisurely time ✨ — 💐 Aesthetics · Design This unique guesthouse is decorated with hemp ropes. With 60,000 meters of hemp rope 🪢, the appearance of all the buildings has been transformed without altering the original structures, exuding a strong sense of design 👩‍🎨 The use of natural materials in the renovation also embodies a return to nature's cycle ♻️ — 💐 Cuisine · Food Here, you can enjoy meals throughout the day, from a hearty breakfast 🍠, a private lunch 🍲, to a barbecue dinner 🍡 The food, cooked in a traditional clay pot, complements the rustic atmosphere. The sizzling skewers 🥓 and the dancing flames 🔥 enhance the ambiance. — 💐 Activities 🔘 Enjoy the vast lawn in the public area 🔘 Experience camping 🏕️, movie watching 🎬, and stargazing 🔘 Pick fruits and vegetables 🍊 and enjoy rural fun 🔘 Interact with cute rabbits 🐇 and chicks — 💐 Nearby · Around 📍 Gubei Water Town 📍 Miyun Reservoir 📍 Simatai Great Wall 📍 Wuling West Peak — 🌹 MiMian Manor 📍 Taishitun Town, Miyun District, Beijing —
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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Near Happy Squirrel Valley|White Dragon Pool, Beijing
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