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Beijing Special Forces One-Day Tour · Guide to Dining, Drinking, and Entertainment (Regret-Free Strategy)

🇨🇳 As our beloved homeland celebrates its 74th birthday, coinciding with the "Mid-Autumn + National Day" double festival, I am certain that the capital city, Beijing, is the top choice for everyone's travel itinerary! I have specially prepared a thoughtful travel recommendation for you all: 🌟Tiananmen Square: As proud citizens of China, the flag-raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square is an event not to be missed! After witnessing the flag-raising, the Monument to the People's Heroes, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Great Hall of the People, and the National Museum of China are all worth a visit! ⚠️Remember to book in advance! 🏞Zhongshan Park: A memorial classical altar temple garden, with an astonishingly low admission fee of only 3 yuan! (If you're quick, you can finish within an hour! The scenery is very unique, with the morning light gently illuminating the garden, and the grandeur of the royal courtyard is truly beautiful!) 🍲Lunch: (Yes, after sightseeing, it's time for lunch! The flag-raising ceremony can be quite exhausting! After a meal and a short rest, you'll be ready to fully appreciate the Forbidden City!) In addition to Peking Duck, I highly recommend "Copper Pot Shabu Shabu"! (For lamb, of course, choose Halal!) To avoid the crowds, I usually take a taxi to Niu Street! The disappearing Xuanwu, the unchanging Niu Street, this street is famous for the Niu Street Mosque, the largest and oldest mosque in Beijing! It's definitely worth a visit... There are also many ethnic snacks gathered here... 【Ma Beier·Copper Pot Shabu Shabu Niu Street Main Store】is a great choice! It is a shabu shabu brand created by Ma Gang, the founder of Beijing Niu Street Jubao Source Catering Co., Ltd.; Ma Beier originated from Niu Street and is also a new landmark of Niu Street❗️ 🌿The dining environment is light, airy, and particularly suitable for Mid-Autumn and National Day gatherings! 🤩There are 3 dishes in their menu that you can eat over and over again without getting tired: 🌟Their signature dish - Hand-cut Fresh Lamb: Hand-cut and cooked on the spot, with a perfect balance of fat and lean, the taste is especially fresh and tender! 🌟High Calcium Lamb: (I love it!) It's the "Ginseng in Meat" - the Ujimqin Grassland Lamb! The lamb is fed on wild onions, drinks natural spring water, and is free-range for 180 days. It's really fresh, fragrant, tender, and smooth, with no mutton smell at all! The taste is absolutely superb! 🌟Lamb San Dan - A Beijing specialty usually found in tripe shops, surprisingly offered in a shabu shabu restaurant! The texture is bouncy, fresh, crisp, and tender. Wrapped in sesame sauce, it's juicy and fragrant when you bite into it; the taste is light, suitable for both the young and old! 🥰The Forbidden City: The well-known Forbidden City, a World Cultural Heritage site, needs no further elaboration on its beauty! ⚠️Remember to book in advance! 🌇Jingshan Park: After exiting the Forbidden City, head straight to Jingshan Park to get a panoramic view of the Forbidden City and wait for a romantic sunset exclusive to the Forbidden City💕 🐣Dinner: After sightseeing, I recommend going back to the hotel for a nap! Then, have a Peking Duck dinner! If you're too tired, ordering takeout from the hotel is also a good choice! (The reason for having shabu shabu for lunch is because it can't be delivered😂) When leaving Beijing, remember to buy a box of 【Daoxiangcun】pastries as souvenirs, to share the joy with your friends and family💓
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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