There's a reason why there's always a queue at this place! Its reputation is simply explosive! Hurry up and go!

Title: The perpetual queue at this restaurant is not without reason! Its reputation is explosively good! Hurry and visit! The Shunde restaurant recommended by my friend this time offers affordable prices and a stellar reputation. You must rush to get in as soon as it opens, otherwise, you'll end up in a queue. It seems to be the originator of Shunde cuisine, a must-visit restaurant. If you're in Beijing, you'll definitely recommend this Shunde restaurant. After eating here once, the taste is truly unforgettable. 【Ambience】: The warm and minimalist environment is a favorite among local residents and office workers. Dining here feels like coming home. The clean and tidy environment, coupled with the lively atmosphere, truly embodies the human touch of a restaurant. The title of 'Queue King' is not given without reason - it's incredibly popular. Many people come here out of admiration. 【Dishes】: The group-buying tasting menu for two is too cost-effective. With just over 200 yuan, you can enjoy nine dishes. It's not just a meal for two, I think it's enough for four people! This cost-effectiveness truly evokes envy. 【Hong Kong-style Roast Goose】: One of the signature dishes here, the roast goose has crispy skin and tender meat. After picking up a piece of roast goose with chopsticks and dipping it in plum sauce, the taste is crispy and fragrant, with a hint of sour sweetness, which is very flavorful. From crispy to oily, from fragrant to sweet, it is indeed a full-bodied dish, truly a signature main course. 【Signature Sea Emperor Sauce Dry Tossed Vermicelli Pot】: This dish features a vermicelli pot. The vermicelli is cooked to perfection, not mushy yet very flavorful. The moment you lift the lid, a unique seafood aroma hits your nose. The saltiness of the Sea Emperor sauce directly permeates the tip of your tongue. The vermicelli is brightly colored and appears oily, but it is not greasy when eaten. It is salty, fragrant, fresh, tender, and smooth. It's very satisfying. 【Sizzling Qingyuan Free-Range Chicken】: Qingyuan free-range chicken has firm meat and a delicate and solid texture. It is the No.1 ingredient in the hearts of Cantonese people. The chicken has a slightly charred taste, which is very flavorful. Almost every dish is a hit. 【Bitter Melon and Soybean Stewed Pork Ribs】: I recommend trying this pot of soup. The taste is good, it is nutritious, rich in protein, and contains a large amount of collagen. The bitter melon is sweet, paired with soybeans and pork ribs, the taste is absolutely amazing. This restaurant also has other super-value group purchases. You can eat double skin milk for 1 yuan. I must participate in such an activity, it's too cost-effective. 【Restaurant Name】: Guangzhou Shunde Restaurant (Xibali Village) 【Address】: Xibali Village North Community, Building 25, Ground Floor
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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