Beijing Healing Exhibition | I Miss You So Much

A 1500 square meter solo exhibition, with immense healing power Zhang Zhanzhan - "I Miss You So Much" Classic childhood anime characters, a rabbit running nonstop with flowers, vibrant colors, adorable, warm, and visually striking The giant pink rabbit and the large gorilla are very popular photo spots. The space base is very interesting, with a rocket that you can actually enter through a door. I really like the layout of this space, which also has a bit of an immersive feel The exhibition's artworks feature a strong yet harmonious contrast in colors. Beyond nostalgia, they represent hope and the warmth of light. This artistic approach provides comfort and strength, suggesting that within the deepest yearnings, there is light and beauty. "I Miss You So Much" invites us to slow down, listen to the voice within, and feel that delicate and profound emotion
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Posted: May 24, 2024
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