Beijing | Houhai, not a sea, has the charm of Jiangnan~

Houhai is not a sea, but it's called a sea, and thus it has become the smallest sea in our country. Houhai is part of Shichahai, which consists of three water areas: Houhai, Qianhai, and Xihai. The green belt along Houhai is quite nice, with willows brushing the embankment reminiscent of Jiangnan, hence along the coast there are many former princely mansions and residences of famous people. In the water, besides pleasure boats, there are also old men swimming and young people kayaking. Wanghai Tower is very beautiful. It's definitely a nice place in Beijing. 🌟 Highlights: Great natural scenery, with numerous famous attractions and hutongs along the coast 🗓 Itinerary: You can arrange a day to stroll around, look around, eat, and if you're tired, you can even take a rickshaw ride
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Posted: May 25, 2024
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