Unlocking the tropical rainforest in another way: 50 degrees turquoise

Just in time for Australia Day, unfortunately the sea project was cancelled due to high winds and waves at the outer reef. 🪸 Let's unlock the Great Barrier Reef in another way: helicopter sightseeing Reef Scenic Flights. 30 minutes around Green Island, Arlington Reef, Vlasoff Sand Cay and Upolu Sand Cay tips: - Reef Scenic Flights is next to the Cairns Public Lagoon pool, book in advance, there are different time lengths to choose from - The 30-minute sightseeing tour is 399 Australian dollars (including hotel pick-up and drop-off) - The coffee shop next door is good 👌 The afternoon is even more wild~ I like it too much Drive 30 minutes to Little Mulgrave River, dense rainforest, smooth rocks, sitting in a 'doughnut' for each person, the feeling of 'going with the flow' is a bit 🆒~ 1.5 hours in the waterway of the tropical rainforest, cool and exciting. Also met many families and friends who drove pickup trucks to parties along the way on weekends. Even in the rainforest, they used local materials, grabbed the vines and did a somersault to jump into the water~ Release nature The sound of nature as the background, the cool stream is refreshing. Along the way, I have always been longing for the small waves brought by the drop in rocks, this is what summer should look like ☀️🍃🍩🌊 🔍Cairnsadventuregroup
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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