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Akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel - Akyra Minor Chiangm

🔵A low-key habitat on Nimman Road This time, four of us sisters came to Thailand for a trip, and we flew from Bangkok to Chiang Mai early in the morning. We just caught a light rain, and the fresh and quiet after the rain and the clouds in the mountains made this city, commonly known as the Rose of Northern Thailand, have a different charming charm. The hotel chose the niche hotel Akyra Manor under the SLH flag, which is also a light luxury design hotel, but the hotel strictly adheres to the check-in at three o'clock in the afternoon, even if the occupancy rate is not high. So after hurriedly putting down the luggage, I went to the nearby Thapae Gate during the day when there were few people. I stayed in two deluxe rooms, which are the basic rooms of the hotel. Because I basically play outside, and then divide two rooms is very convenient, so it doesn't matter. But how to say the room, it still feels very ordinary. And some places are really unsanitary. The Mini bar is free, but there is nothing. If I remember correctly, the hotel is divided into two separate buildings, one is the lobby and the deluxe room, and the other is the restaurant, suite and rooftop bar and swimming pool. Breakfast is in the Italics restaurant next door. Semi-open buffet, order up to two servings per person. Mainly European style, the local dishes taste average. Desserts will be mixed with hair, casually told the serving staff, just a sorry and took it away without looking back. The swimming pool is on the top floor, although the floor is not high, but the scenery is good, you can overlook the ancient city of Chiang Mai. The rooftop bar is also here, you can order a drink at will, and swim while in a daze. It's just that this pool is so mini that it looks like a big fish tank. If you are not in good shape, it is better not to go in. For example, a big fat man from North America jumped in without hesitation. Through the refraction of the sun outside the tank and the clear bottom of the pool, this scene is really like a huge boiled meat slice and pickled cabbage fat fish moving inside, it's really spicy haha... Although the hotel's service and details are very unsatisfactory, as a niche hotel like SLH, it is also a matter of opinion. But it has to be said that the location is excellent, and it is Nimman Road when you go out. From some angles, the hotel can still meet different customer groups. When CO, the hotel gave a postcard as a gift. The illustrations inside make people love Chiang Mai even more. How to say, Akyra Manor, this small boutique hotel, is very much a type of radish and cabbage, each has its own love, there is no need to recommend, everything is fate, if one day someone comes to Chiang Mai for the first time and happens to live here, maybe there will be some beautiful memories. 📍22 2 Nimmanhaeminda Road Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50200 (near Nimman Road) Distance✈️(Chiang Mai International) about 15 minutes by car Square recommendation: Noble Suite Manor Suite, don't live in the basic room Suitable for: City Walk, interested in design
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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Akyra Manor Chiang Mai

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Near Nimmana Haeminda Road|Nimmanhaemin Road Area, Chiang Mai
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