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Ten years have flown by, and I find myself back at Tha Phae Gate This is Chiang Mai's 🔥 hottest tourist spot No.1 ✅ Photo enthusiasts hurry over, this place is really photogenic 🤳 Deep red brick walls, fluttering flocks of pigeons 🐦 Full of artistic and fresh atmosphere 🌈 This is a free 🆓 attraction, there used to be no such thing as 'checking in', but now with the 📷 conveyor belt pigeon photos, it compensates for my past regret of not taking good pictures! ✅ This is the gateway to history, through the hurried years, it still stands, 🎉 festivals, weekend night markets are also held here, it is the only 1⃣️ well-preserved wooden gate in Chiang Mai, and the main passage into the old city. 📷 For good photos, it's recommended to come in the morning or evening, when we arrived it was nearly noon ☀️ and the overhead light was not very suitable for photography. To take a photo with the flying pigeons, it's recommended to use a lens with a large aperture, set the camera to continuous shooting mode, or use a wide-angle lens for large scenes. 🈶️ Local Thais are in charge of collecting money, feeding, making the pigeons fly to a reasonable position, taking photos, and shooting videos, a streamlined operation for 100 Thai Baht 💰 ✌️ Photo pose recommendations: slowly walk like a fairy, happily spin and jump with eyes closed, run forward hand in hand (suitable for friends and couples) remember to hold your expression while doing the pose!
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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