Chiang Mai Old City Temple Walking Tour

👣I recommend a Chiang Mai City Walk, a one-day temple pilgrimage route You can visit several important and classic temples at a leisurely pace ⏮Start from Wat Chedi Luang in the center of the old city This is the tallest temple in the old city, which is said to be the pillar that shelters the city The tower is already dilapidated, and the mottled stone statues on it tell the vicissitudes of time ➡️Coming out of Wat Chedi Luang is Wat Phan Tao The golden stupa and the dark teak temple complement each other Colorful flags can be seen fluttering in the wind everywhere in the temple ⬆️Continuing north, you can reach Wat Chiang Man It is said to be the oldest temple in Chiang Mai The base of the stupa is adorned with sculptures of 15 elephants The whole temple is shaded by green trees, very serene, suitable for a quiet sit in the afternoon ⬆️It is very close to the north gate of the old city here You can visit Wat Lok Molee near the north gate The all-black temple body has a mysterious feel reminiscent of the Black Temple in Chiang Rai ⏬Finally, you can head south back to the old city to Wat Phra Singh This is the largest and most revered temple in the old city, with a bustling incense offering The temple is luxuriously decorated, with gorgeous golden stupas and inlaid paintings that are very beautiful ✔️On Sundays, this is also the starting point for the weekly night market ⏭In addition to the above temples, there are also some small unnamed temples that you can explore slowly along the way 🌟Some tips 🌞The climate in Chiang Mai is cool and dry (compared to Bangkok and Phuket), but it is still hot at noon, you can spend the heat in a cafe or restaurant, most temples have no shelter, so be prepared for sun protection 💰The temples in Chiang Mai Old City are free except for Wat Chedi Luang, which costs 50🐷
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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