Winter vacation Yunnan tour, practical guide for pure play small group parent-child tour

Sisters who have time during the winter vacation must take their children to Yunnan, it's really beautiful, the photos are very good, let the children understand the customs of different ethnic groups, share the parent-child tour guide, need mothers to collect. Essentials for travel: ID card, backpack, mosquito repellent, cold medicine, stomach medicine, umbrella, toys, power bank and charger. Travel suggestions: The distance between scenic spots is far and it is not convenient for free travel, so it is recommended to join a pure play small group, there will be car pick-up and drop-off, accommodation, tickets will also have special arrangements, do not have to worry about the travel route. Six-day five-night itinerary: Day 1: Lijiang Ancient Town Arrive at Lijiang Airport, there is a special car pick-up, go to Lijiang Ancient Town to check in the homestay, in the afternoon go to visit Lijiang Ancient Town on your own, find a travel photography shop, take a set of parent-child photos, then go to check in the Big Stone Bridge, Oil Umbrella Street, and Sifang Street, go to Lion Hill at night to see the night view. Day 2: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Go to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, take the Glacier Cable Car, then hike to the top to see the sea of clouds at an altitude of 4000 meters, after descending the mountain go to the small cable car Yunsong Ping, take the children to see the cattle and sheep and take photos in the grassland, after descending the mountain take the scenic area bus to Blue Moon Valley, the water surface is sparkling, you can blow the mountain wind, breathe fresh air, return to Lijiang Ancient Town at night, go to Cherry Blossom Restaurant to see a romantic night view. Day 3 and Day 4: Shangri-La From Lijiang to Shangri-La via Tiger Leaping Gorge is really spectacular, check in to Shangri-La Farm Homestay in the afternoon, it's a surprise like New Zealand; the next day go to Pudacuo National Park, then go to Songzanlin Temple and Dukezong Ancient Town. Day 5 and Day 6: Dali Visit Xizhou and taste Xizhou Baba, there are some tie-dye small bags and straw woven bag earrings worth buying cheap, then go to Wheat Field Cafe to sit and feel the wind blowing wheat waves and then go to Shuanglang to see the sea, walk along the sea and rent a bicycle to ride, go to the ancient city at night to stroll around, feel the beauty of the ancient city at night. Note: 1. If you are not used to the food or have altitude sickness, you will have diarrhea and vomiting, remember to bring medicine. 2. The rain in Yunnan is unpredictable, remember to bring a coat for your baby. 3. The ultraviolet rays are really strong, be sure to do sun protection for your child. 4. You can bring some snacks and water when you go to the scenic area. 5. There are many ethnic minorities in Yunnan, learn to follow the local customs, respect the local customs, avoid unnecessary trouble. 6. Do not run or jump on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, do not get too excited, it is easy to have altitude sickness.
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Posted: Dec 11, 2023
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