Please keep this Spring Festival Yunnan travel guide well

||| Yunnan is so beautiful, the sisters who have been there all shout they don't want to come back!! Yunnan is spring-like all year round, with a pleasant climate and many scenic spots🔆 Here is the travel guide, please keep it well❗❗ 🌹Day①: Dali Ancient City 😴Sleep until you wake up naturally, stroll around Dali Ancient City, have a cup of Fenghua Xueyue☕, taste a sweet flower cake🌸, shuttle through the streets and alleys of Dali, feel the tranquility of Dali, go to the nearby garden to take pictures📸 🌹Day②: Erhai Lake 🚗Rent a car around Erhai Lake, feel the sea breeze of Erhai, feel the romantic time of Dali and the afterglow of the sunset🌄. Go to the Ideal State to take pictures📸, go to Xizhou Ancient Town to eat Xizhou Baba, stay in a sea view room at night, and go to Longkan Wharf to watch the sunrise the next day🏅 🌹Day③: Lijiang Ancient City 🛬Fly directly to Lijiang, there will be a driver to pick up the airport 24h, then send to the booked hotel to rest, in the afternoon freely stroll around the ancient city scenery, find a coffee shop to drink coffee☕ and watch the scenery, slow down to feel the breath of life🍀 Go to watch a romantic performance of Thousand Ancient Love💑 🌹Day④: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 🚗The driver will pick up people at the gate of the ancient city at nine o'clock in the morning, take the big cable car up the snow mountain, see the blue sky and white snow! Reach the top of the mountain, watch a spectacular sea of clouds☁️, feel the vast mountains and rivers, walk from an altitude of 4506m to 4680, see the most beautiful snow mountain🏔️ Take pictures at the foot of the mountain in Blue Moon Valley📸 🌹Day⑤: Return to the warm home - Travel is not about where the end is, but the scenery along the way and the beautiful memories~ I wish everyone a happy play!!
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Jan 24, 2024
Oksana Veber
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