I regret not swiping to it earlier! A must-see for a trip to Dubai

As we all know, the rich country not only has charming modern cityscapes, but also intertwined beaches and deserts. Spend a week wandering in the mysterious country of Dubai, fully feel its charm, enjoy the prosperity of the city, the leisure of the beach, and make you linger. Don't hesitate, take this Dubai travel guide quickly! 【Must-visit attractions】 🛥️Seven-star sailboat hotel: As a landmark hotel in Dubai, and a global symbol of Arab high-end, the sailboat hotel has become a must-visit attraction for many tourists in Dubai. 🏝️Jumeirah Palm Island: The Palm Island, known as the "eighth wonder", is worth a visit. You can participate in some experience projects, such as very exciting skydiving and so on. You can also buy tickets to the viewing platform (remember to prevent sunburn) to overlook the whole island, and there is a light rail station to tour the Palm Island after coming down. 🏛️Louvre on the sea: Born from a cultural cooperation between France and the United Arab Emirates, its breathtaking architectural design and rich and colorful collections inside have attracted art lovers from all over the world to appreciate. ⛩️Dubai Frame: A new landmark in recent years, tourists can overlook the magnificent view from the "picture frame" to the Sheikh Zayed Road from the top of the "picture frame". Of course, taking a photo with him outside is also essential. 🏬Dubai Shopping Center: A global shopping center, where you can enjoy shopping fun and high-end shopping experience, all international brands you can think of are all available, you can shop for a day! 【Local delicacies】 🍖Arab buffet lunch can be tried, and there is also a desert sand dune barbecue. If the funds are sufficient, you might as well experience a buffet in the sailboat hotel. Of course, if you miss Chinese food, there are many Chinese restaurants locally, with Cantonese, Sichuan, and hot pot dishes available. 【Travel tips】 ☁️About the weather: The temperature is relatively high in summer, so special attention should be paid to sun protection. Autumn and winter are the peak tourist seasons, and the temperature is suitable. 👕About dress: Dress appropriately, especially in places with strong religious beliefs such as mosques, never wear too revealing clothes, long sleeves and trousers are best. 💰About prices: Compared with first- and second-tier cities in China, the cost of living in Dubai is slightly higher, but it is still lower than some areas in Europe and America. In addition, Dubai is a duty-free city, and there are many affordable goods in shopping malls.
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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