Guangzhou Canton Tower Three-Day Travel Guide

If you plan to visit Guangzhou and visit the Canton Tower, here is a three-day travel guide: Day 1: 1. Morning: Arrive in Guangzhou, choose to take a plane, high-speed rail or car to go. Go to the Canton Tower for sightseeing. 2. Noon: Have lunch in the restaurant around the tower, taste Guangzhou specialty food, such as dim sum, roast meat, etc. 3. Afternoon: Visit the Canton Tower, enjoy the city panorama and the beautiful view of the top of the sightseeing tower, you can choose the sightseeing elevator or the external viewing platform. 4. Evening: Have dinner in the restaurant near the tower, taste Cantonese cuisine and local special snacks. Day 2: 1. Morning: Visit the attractions in Guangzhou city, such as Pearl River Night Cruise and Guangzhou Museum, to understand the history and culture of Guangzhou. 2. Noon: Have lunch in the restaurant in the city, you can choose Cantonese cuisine or taste the local special clay pot rice. 3. Afternoon: Visit Guangzhou's traditional old streets, such as Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and the snack street near Hualin Temple, to buy special products and souvenirs. 4. Evening: Have dinner in the restaurant in the old street or along the river, taste Guangzhou traditional food and special dim sum. Day 3: 1. Morning: Visit Guangzhou's garden landscape, such as Litchi Bay Park and Yuexiu Park, to appreciate flowers, trees and lake scenery. 2. Noon: Have lunch in the park or nearby restaurants, taste Cantonese cuisine or vegetarian food. 3. Afternoon: Visit Guangzhou's modern buildings and shopping areas, such as Tianhe CBD and Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, shopping and experiencing the city's prosperity. 4. Evening: Have dinner in the restaurant in the shopping area, taste delicious food and local special cakes. Please remember, the above guide is just a reference, you can adjust according to your own interests and time. Before the tour, please confirm the opening hours and ticket conditions of the attractions, and respect the local regulations and culture. Wish you have a pleasant time in your trip to Guangzhou Canton Tower!
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Dec 11, 2023
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