Guangzhou travel notes, what delicacies have you missed?

🎒Guangzhou travel notes, what delicacies have you missed? Guangzhou, this food paradise🍜, I'm here! The first stop is the popular dim sum for breakfast. The variety of dim sum is dazzling, rice noodle rolls, siu mai, shrimp dumplings, I want to try them all😋. The second stop is the Guangzhou Tower, the small waist🏙️, the night view is breathtaking. The third stop is the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street🛍️, a good place for shopping, with a variety of small shops. The fourth stop is the Pearl River Night Cruise🚤, to feel the prosperity and tranquility of Guangzhou. Finally, the enthusiasm and friendliness of the people in Guangzhou made me feel very warm😊. During these days in Guangzhou, I was deeply attracted by the charm of this city. What do you think is the most attractive place in Guangzhou?🤔
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Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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