A day trip to Xiguan to capture the dragons of Liwan

😚When it comes to atmosphere, the old city area still wins Take advantage of the good weather to collect the dragons of Liwan🐉 . 🐉Yongqing Fang Near the entrance of Gonglu Coffee There is a peach-red light 'dragon' The expression is a bit cute😆 The cafe also hung up dragon year decorations, super atmospheric~ . 🐉Yongqing Fang's Maimen Flash Maimen is forever🙏🏻 There is a funny dragon on the slippery body🤪 . 🐉Liwan Flower Market Archway (Liwan Road) The flower street archway is lit There are two traditional golden dragons on it✨ . 🐉Yang Tao Technology Square (Chen Clan Academy Subway A Exit) Unexpectedly, the very traditional Liwan Built a very cyber street block🚧 There is an orange dragon in the center of the square Big eyes are also a bit cute😆
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 18, 2024
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