Enjoy a Three-Day, Two-Night Nature Trip to Guangzhou Chimelong.

🎆 This Spring Festival holiday, I finally made it to the long-awaited Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park. Little Shi got to see giraffes, koalas, elephants from the picture books, and was so happy! I've put together a quick guide to the best routes, plus tips on where to eat, sleep, and travel. Take note! 🏠【Accommodation】Guangzhou Chimelong Panda Hotel! It's like a fairy tale castle where you can 'sleep and play' with the panda triplets~ The buffet at the Panda Restaurant is powerful, with a dizzying variety of options. After eating, you can go to the Panda Theater, which is very convenient~ And it's just a 5-minute walk to the big circus after dinner! 🚄【Transport】There are free shuttle buses from the subway to each scenic area - hotel 【Quick Play & Must-Play Items】 1. For a 3-day, 2-night stay, I got a through ticket: a pass for 3 parks (Animal+Bird+Happy World) + accommodation + buffet + big circus tickets, etc., great value! 2. I highly recommend getting the 'Fast Track' wristband, which lets you skip the lines for the train and cable car, with unlimited rides for the day! 3. Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park route: South Gate (less crowded, opens at 9:30 am) - Bear Forest - Chimpanzee - Fruit and Flower Mountain - Tiger Mountain - Giraffe Square (feeding) - Koala Garden - Asian Elephant - Panda Paradise (see the only panda triplets in the world) - back to Panda Paradise station It was truly a trip worth taking! It's important for kids to get out and see more, the fun of nature is something that books and schools can't provide! When we got home, she kept sharing with her grandma about all the different animals she saw~ Parents, bring your kids to Chimelong this Spring Festival
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 22, 2024
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