It is indeed worth coming to South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou to see the cherry blossoms

Guangzhou has already started cherry blossom viewing🌸 The cherry blossoms at South China Agricultural University have quietly bloomed! The Bauhinia flowers probably need to wait a bit longer... ✅Route: West Gate👉College of Animal Science👉Big Lawn👉Hongze Lake👉Administration Building👉SCAU Yogurt Culture Museum 📷Photo Spots: 1️⃣The cherry blossoms🌸 are basically around the "College of Animal Science" now, very close to the West Gate. The basketball court🏀 paired with cherry blossoms🌸 is quite photogenic! 2️⃣The small path next to the Big Lawn, where the wind blows the petals, feels a bit like a 'flower rain'. 3️⃣The Bauhinia flowers in front of the Administration Building are sparsely blooming and also photogenic, but if you want to see them in full bloom, you probably need to wait a bit longer. 4️⃣The outdoor area of the SCAU Yogurt Culture Museum also offers views of the Administration Building and fafa, and you can enjoy a cherry blossom milkshake while taking a break. ‼️Remember to make a reservation in advance on the small🍊app 'Visit SCAU', and if you take the subway🚇, it's the Southwest Gate🚪 South China Agricultural University
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Posted: Feb 23, 2024
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