Can you believe it? I managed to get into Monet's Garden with just a ticket

This is the Guangzhou Garden Expo It's really beautiful, worthy of the title 'City of Flowers', where it feels like spring all year round Baiyun Mountain, as the main venue for the 31st Guangzhou Garden Expo, is already blooming with various flowers, including giant salvia, violets... The colorful flowers are scattered across the lawns of Baiyun Mountain It's like walking into Monet's Garden, so romantic💗💗 The Garden Expo is divided into: Main venue Baiyun Mountain Guangzhou Children's Park, Guangzhou Orchid Garden, Liuhua Lake Park 1️⃣ Main venue Baiyun Mountain: February 4th to February 25th (🎫5, West Gate open all day, other gates slightly different) The exhibition is located at the West Gate's Pearl Tower, where you can stroll around Yuntai Garden (10🎫 - Opening hours 8:00-18:00) The main attractions are tulips and art gardens 2️⃣ Children's Park: February 3rd to 5th Tickets 🎫 Free Guangzhou Children's Park will be dedicated to creating the nation's first most adorable and interesting 'Childlike New Year's Flower Market'. 3️⃣ Liuhua Lake Park: February 1st to March 1st This time the theme will be 'Bonsai Art Enters Thousands of Households, Lingnan Culture Heritage, Flowers Blooming Together', with over 300 bonsai trees, providing the public with a 'skills competition + cultural science popularization + exhibition + market' traditional New Year flavor 4️⃣ Orchid Garden: (During the Spring Festival period 8:00-18:00) Tickets 🎫8 This time nearly 500 varieties of orchids will be exhibited, the number will be the highest in history! At the same time, the Orchid Garden is launching a New Year's gift package for the public, starting an immersive journey of Qipao and Hanfu, and there will also be 'Orchid Garden Spring Travel' check-in activities and more than ten performance activities. Travel Tips: Main venue Baiyun Mountain, divided into Pearl Tower, Mingchun Valley, Yuntai Garden 3 exhibition areas 🔅 Pearl Tower Exhibition Area: Baiyun Mountain West Gate Pearl Tower Baiyun Pine Waves (total distance 4 kilometers) 🔅 Mingchun Valley Exhibition Area: Baiyun Mountain South Gate Lawn Top Plaza (total distance 2 kilometers) 🔅 Panyu District 'Floating Islands': Combining elements of Shawan Piaose and Dripping Water Rock Forest Park to create a floating island 🔅 Nanzhu District 'Sea·Cloud Valley': Staggered stairs with flowers
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Posted: Feb 24, 2024
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