The riverside of Dadao Sha Island in Panyu, as depicted in the comics, is incredibly healing

It's like the riverside of Dadao Sha Island in Panyu from the comics is so healing!❗️ This time, I'm sharing a healing little island with everyone. Dadao Sha, adjacent to Guanlong Island, has an ecological environment that is not much different. Few people, beautiful scenery, and a peaceful stroll. As soon as I arrived, I was attracted by the big tree🌳 standing by the river. It's like a traveler who opens his arms to embrace the river wind. It seems so free and beautiful. After visiting Dadao Sha, you can spend 2 yuan to take a boat from Qingliu Ferry to Guanlong Island. Since you're already here, it's nice to take a detour to Guanlong Island. Experience the fisherman's style on both islands. The embankment along the river of Dadao Sha has been raised a lot. If you want to see the river view, you can only do so from a place similar to an observation deck. 📷 If you want to take a set of healing photos on the island, 1️⃣ you must choose a day with good weather, when the water will be bluer and clearer. 2️⃣ The best time to shoot is from 3:00 to 5:30, when the light is soft, and you might even catch an orange sunset. 3️⃣ The first picture is taken near the Dadao Sha Village Committee. 📍Location: Dadao Sha Village, Panyu, Guangzhou 🚗Transport: Take the subway to Panyu Square Station Exit C, then transfer to bus route Panyu 28 to Dadao Sha Village Committee Station. 🅿️Self-driving: Navigate to Dadao Sha Village Committee Station, there is space on the roadside to park.
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 24, 2024
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