The tulip exhibition at Yuntai Garden has already started, looking forward to spring

Today is the last day of the tulip exhibition at Yuntai Garden, and I'm glad I didn't miss it😭. I caught the tail end of the blooming period. Although the flowers are beginning to wither, they are still truly beautiful when seen in person! 👀 This phenomenally popular event has also made us aware of the great location of 📍Guangzhou Yuntai Park. For a 🎫ticket of ten yuan, you can enjoy this romantic scene spread across the hills💕 In addition to tulips🌷, there are also wild roses🌹 and blooming poppies. If there's sunshine, it's even more like a fairyland. Be sure to find a weekday to visit and fully experience it📷
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
Nadia ak
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