These camera positions captured a stunning joint photo with the Canton Tower

Happy weekend, sleep until you wake up naturally, then meet up with friends for a meal in Zhujiang New Town~~In order not to waste this blue sky and white clouds, I had a sudden idea: why not take a walk around the Canton Tower and check out the beautiful spots recommended by netizens? ❣️Route: Wuyangcun Metro Station Exit B → Guangzhou Bridge → Ersha Island Hongcheng Park → Haixinsha Park → Haixin Bridge → Canton Tower PS: This route was just a casual stroll for me, very smooth all the way~ Walking and stopping to take photos, even on the weekend there weren't many people (except in Haixinsha) and it was just right to wander until dusk, then leave from the Canton Tower Station (off to eat). 📸P1-4: After coming out of Wuyangcun Metro Station, locate the 'Democratic Building', walk forward and you can see the side of Guangzhou Bridge, the camera position is right at the bridge entrance~ 📸P5-6: After taking the first camera position, walk up the Guangzhou Bridge, cross the Pearl River and you will come to Ersha Island Sculpture Park~ You can take photos of the lawn + Canton Tower + tiny human figures 📸Inside the Sculpture Park is Ersha Island Hongcheng Park (the flowers are not very pretty recently, not suitable for photos); through Hongcheng Park is Haixinsha Park, where there are a lot of people on weekends, everyone is picnicking and flying kites, sitting and chatting is very comfortable, but you need to find the right angle for photos (because of the crowd) ✨During dusk, walking on Haixin Bridge is very romantic and beautiful~ Very suitable for dating haha💗💗
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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