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I celebrated the Lantern Festival at the Grand Tang Dynasty Lantern Fair in Guangzhou

I encountered a long song in the garden that startled me in a dream. There can't still be people who haven't visited the Grand Tang Dynasty Lantern Fair at the Grandview Plaza🏠, right? The gigantic twin dragons🐉 at the plaza are shockingly impressive. At night, when the lights are just turned on, the atmosphere is great, and it's beautiful for taking pictures📸 To the north of the plaza is the twin dragons🐉 On both sides are the eastern and western markets🏮 There's a variety of food, drinks, crafts, entertainment activities, and so on There are also delicious seafood in broth and ice cream🍦 At the northwest gate of Grandview Plaza🚪 The giant gatehouse is spectacular, and many lanterns are beautifully decorated Attracting both adults and children to stop and watch👀 Inside the mall, there are also themed features There's a giant dragon🐉 on the first-floor platform The fourth floor has various lantern decorations and a special small market that's great to visit~ I spent the Lantern Festival in Guangzhou, let's go to the Grand Tang Dynasty Lantern Fair together‼️
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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